Every morning when you get dressed for your work, events, or any tours you wonder where are the clothes that you have been planning to wear? Where did they disappear from your closet! Well, messy closet again!

Yes almost everyone faces the problem of a messy closet most of the time. You check the entire closet area to find that one dress you planned to wear and find it nowhere. You might require the best closet organization ideas. 

How long have you been planning to organize all your clothes and accessories? Well putting your clothes in order will never be a bad idea when you get to know about these easy steps to create a stunning closet. These are some of the best closet organizing ideas you must know.

  • Making of piles: 

Who else knows the heaps of clothes that you have! We ladies have a lot of clothes in our closet but have nothing to wear. So we end up buying more and more clothes every time. No matter what, while arranging your clothes all you need to do to start is pile up the clothes. 

First make piles of two clothing, the ones that you wear the most on top and the ones that you wear the least bottom. Then differentiate your clothes with the summer and winter piles and store them accordingly. This will help you differentiate the category of the clothes. You get to know the ones that you wear more often and the ones that you put on less often.

  • Differentiate by category:

After piling up the clothes, again arrange them into categories. Keep the jeans on one side, shirts on the other. Arrange your skirts, lingerie, coats, shrugs, and scarves accordingly. Make sure that whenever you pick a pair of jeans, your shrug doesn’t come up.

This will help you to know exactly what you want to wear. This saves a lot of time that you spend thinking of what to wear. So, every time you try to organize your closet, differentiate them according to the category.


  • Try on and throw them off:

By piling up and categorizing your dresses, you get to know which ones are the ones that you will be wearing and the ones that you don’t like anymore. Check out all your clothes, the ones that are torn or the ones with the ruined chain can be fixed, if not you can throw them away. Don’t feel bad for the dresses that don’t fit on anymore. You can even donate some or sell them on thrift. 

  • Use drawer separator:

After you categorize your dresses arrange them and put them on different sections of the drawers. As you have already organized them by separating jeans, shirts, coats, skirts, and other items, you can arrange them in the drawers.

Put your socks in one drawer and the lingerie in the other. You can even store the hair accessories and jewelry in the drawer. You will always find the things well maintained.

  • Invest in good hangers:

Always be ready to invest in good hangers. They will always be the best friend of your clothes. It is better when you have a set of matching hangers that match with your closet. This will look pleasing and you will feel happy and confident about what to wear every time you check your wardrobe.

  • The eighty-twenty principle:

According to a survey it is said that most of the people wear only ten to twenty percent of the clothes from their wardrobe. The others get unnoticed. Even you can take a look at your wardrobe.

The items that you usually wear are only ten percent of your entire collection. So just keep the twenty percentage of dresses and keep checking on the remaining eighty. They might be the ones that don’t fit you anymore, put them off donate, recycle them.

  • Eliminate all the duplicates:

I have a habit of choosing the same black t-shirt every time I go shopping. Yes, I am addicted to it. Once I checked my wardrobe and you know what, all I found was multiple black t-shirts.

So if you have this habit too, eradicate it somehow, minimize duplicates, cause I did it too, and found it easier to find the actual clothes from my closet. Make sure the next time you go shopping, you don’t keep on choosing the same attire.

  • Fold your clothes:

You have dresses that won’t wrinkle, so make a habit of folding your clothes rather than hanging them. Clothes like jeans, hand-woven sweaters, won’t wrinkle and it even becomes easier to find them. So always make a habit of folding the unwrinkled items.

  • Coordination of colors:

You can also arrange the clothes with their colors. Arrange the red dresses together. Similarly, do this with the other color dresses.

Don’t be scared when your dresses are too short or too long, because you will be arranging them following the colors. In this case, the length of the dresses doesn’t matter. It will be easier to grab what you want to wear.

  • Keep off seasonal clothes away:

Keep your warm dresses out in your closet during the winter. Your coat, sweaters should be easily accessible in your closet during the winter, not your swimsuit. Do the same with your summer dresses.

Make sure you put on off seasonal dresses out of your reach. That will save you time and make your vision clear.