10 Student home desk organization ideas

An organized space increases productivity. If you are a student, a clutter-free environment is important for your grades. 

Many research shows that organized and clean space increases satisfaction in work which in turn improves your productivity.

As a student, you will be spending most of your time at your desk. A clean desk ensures a healthy mind space. 

Keeping this in mind we have enlisted 10 student home desk organization ideas!

These desk organization ideas are nifty and light on your pockets!

  • Clear the clutter

  • The base of properly organizing your space is to clear all the clutter. Then clean the space. 

    Remove all the unnecessary items from your desk. This includes your pretty plants, aesthetic books that really do not serve any purpose to desk works.

    Let the plant shine elsewhere!

    A clutter-free space will not distract you from your work. The undivided attention will allow you to enter the flow zone. 

    You can also keep a trolly on the side of your table to keep all the unnecessary stuff off your desk. 

  • Use stackable storage

  • There are different stationeries that we will need in our study sessions. 

    They are easy to scatter all over your desk space. When they are so scattered and unorganized you cannot find the exact thing that you require. 

    Different storage units such as pen holders are the solution to this problem. 

    These storage units can be makeup storage or jewelry boxes. They are minimalist. Some even come with drawers.

    Stacking these storage units is an amazing desk organizing idea. 

    This hack keeps all your stuff in its designated place. So you will not have to waste your time searching. 

  • Shelves above the desk 

  • The wall above your desk is a great option to use as a storage unit. 

    Mount some shelves on top of your desk. You can do multilayers to maximize the storage and usage of the space. 

    Store things such as textbooks and notebooks that you will frequent throughout the study session. 

    You can also place some of the trailing plants on them. 

    The shelves doubles up as a decor item. It is not exactly a desk organizing idea but it is fundamental for a clutter-free workspace. 

  • Minimalist desk lamp

  • Desk lamps are the most overlooked items when it comes to organizing desks. 

    We get drawn to vintage and bulky desks lamps. But when we come back home, it ends up taking up a fair amount of desk space. 

    So instead of lamps that have bulky bases go for lanky LED lamps with tiny bases. 

    LED lamps are bright and consume lesser space. 

    Or you can also go for a desk lamp with a pencil holder attached to it. It is multifunctional and removes the necessity of a pen holder. 

  • Pegboard backdrop for additional space

  • So we talked about adding shelves of empty walls above the desk earlier. 

    But as a student, our budget can be limiting. Instead of buying shelves, you can just get a pegboard. 

    Pegboards are light on your pockets. They are trendy as well. 

    Attach your school supplies on the pegboard. It opens up the desk space and makes it organized. 

    You can create cute artworks and attach them to them. These desk organization ideas are artistic too!

  • Storage boxes for mail and letters

  • As a student, you can get many mails and letters from your school. 

    These are important documents. But we just receive them put them on the tabletop and forget about them. 

    Then after a while, we misplace them. 

    To avoid this disaster get a storage box to store your mails and letters You can also place scrap paper or any paper mess. 

    It is a clever way to keep your paper mess organized on your desk. 

    This is a letters box from Yellow Lotus that fits perfectly with these desk organization ideas. 

  • Laptop raiser for extra space

  • A laptop raiser is an investment. A laptop raiser also keeps your posture in check. 

    When you use a laptop or monitor raiser, you will free up extra space on your desk. 

    It gives you extra space to write notes, do paper works and store your stationery. 

    There are laptops and monitor raisers with inbuilt shelves. It is multipurpose as it serves both as a stand and storage unit. 

    You will have more space, which makes you wonder what more can you put on it. 

    Laptop raisers are another addition to desk organization ideas that are often overlooked. 

  • Use the space under the desk 

  • Since we are too focused on the top of the desk, we actually overshadow the ample space that is available underneath it. 

    Double up your desk as a storage unit by adding shelves to either sides of the desk. 

    Add drawers vertically from the tabletop to the bottom. You can tuck away all your little desk shenanigans in the drawers. 

    Or you can also build a bookshelf. Attach it to the wall. 

    This way you will have free space to move in your chair. 

  • Hang wall pockets to the side of your table 

  • Wall pockets should not always be strictly for the walls. 

    Take a wall pocket and attach it to either side of your desk. 

    In these wall pockets, store excessive stationery, notebooks, and papers. It adds additional storage space. 

    As we will be tucking away unnecessary items in these nifty storage units, the desk will be clutter-free and organized. 

  • Out of box desk organizers

  • Anything can aid you to achieve a clutter-free desk!

    Think out of the box and explore dollar stores, your kitchen, or even empty snack jars!

    Turn them into desk organization units! 

    For instance, transform the empty pringles tins into aesthetic little pen holders. 

    Use chalk paint to color them in pretty pastels. Now you have the pen holder that fits perfectly into your interiors. 

    Or use old baking trays are desk trays. Desk trays can make a huge difference in desk organization.

    These are the top 10 student home desk organization ideas. An organized space is crucial for your productivity. 

    Hope these hacks improve your grades! Use the comment box to share more ideas!