8 unique gender neutral nursery room decor ideas

A new baby's arrival announcement definitely overwhelms you and your family. So it is a perfect time and good idea to decorate the nursery room to celebrate your happiness. 

Decorating a nursery room does not only have to be about choosing the pink and blue color in a new baby's room. Today decorating a nursery room with a gender neutral nursery concept has become a trend. 

So, following are the some of the neutral nursery room decor ideas of concept:

Crib Bedding 

Crib bedding is the center of attraction of a nursery room. Buying a crib bed for the nursery room should be the first priority of every parent. 

Crib bedding makes every nursery room perfect with its presence. Make the overall crib bedding more lively with a good mattress and fabric bed sheets. 

Adding canopy and baby crib wind champ bells, customize the crib bedding style to make the overall bedding style delicate and elegant.

Book Shelf 

Keeping a bookshelf is one of the underrated gender neutral nursery room decor ideas. Having a mini bookshelf for your toddler definitely makes a nursery room attractive and more meaningful.

Keeping a bookshelf in the nursery is one of the ways of giving a toddler their own personal library and play where they can have their own reading time. 

Place a bookshelf in the nursery room to create storage places for the books and toys, making the nursery room more clean and spacious.

Source: scarymommy

A letterbox on the bookshelf would be a great addition to organize the stationery supplies like pens, pencils, and so on. Letterbox is easily available in YellowLotusUsa with the free shipping facility in the USA.

Mini Sofa 

The nursery room becomes more elegant with the addition of a mini sofa. A nursery room becomes more vibrant and fun with the addition of the sofa's miniature shape and size. Sofas with animation characters add charm and lighten the mood of the nursery room. 

The mini sofa will surely give comfort to your child after doing all the playful activities. It will provide a feeling of calm and composure to the baby while sitting on it.

Source: diehl

Curtains Holdbacks

Curtains are not only used for covering the window but they also can be used for decorating the room. Hanging curtains in the nursery are one of the famous neutral nursery room decor ideas.

In the nursery room, we can use transparent lace curtains behind the crib or the sofa by adding different lights of different colors and shapes. This adds much more beauty to the room during the day as well as at night.


You can use a tie back in your curtain to make it more stylish as well as to tie the curtain drapes perfectly. You can order the farmhouse theme curtain tie back from YellowLotusUsa.

Stuffed Toys 

Children love to play with stuffed toys. They get entertained all the time with their stuffed toys.  And these stuffed toys can be used to decorate the nursery room as well. 

Stuffed toys can also be placed on the sofa and bed for decoration purposes. Similarly, decorating a room with huge stuffed toys of different characters can add fun to the room. 

Source: etsy

Tent House 

The tent house in the nursery room is used as the playhouse by children, making the children more involved in their playtime activities. 

The unique and cute design of the tent house can also be used as a decoration for the nursery room.  Placing it near the crib makes the whole nursery room more sophisticated and cozy

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Wall Decor Signs 

Wall Decor Signs are generally hung on the walls that definitely change the boring walls into more fun ones. Wall signs definitely change the barren wall into promising art. 

Create a gorgeous nursery with our fantastic woodland nursery wall signs that will comfort and entertain the child while spending their time in the room.

You can get these wall decor signs from YellowLotusUsa.


Rugs play an important role in the overall layout of the whole nursery room. It visually brings all the equipment of the nursery room together. 

The rug should be long enough to place any kind of furniture on it. The light color of the rug in the nursery room should be used for enhancing the interior design of the room.

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These are our basic gender neutral nursery room decor ideas. You can also add another decor to the nursery room. Before decorating the room, be sure that the nursery room should have all the basic essentials. 

Make a plan of everything for the baby’s nursery room before its decoration. You will feel quite hectic and difficult while making a list of everything required in the nursery room. But enjoy the moment as it is one of the best memories of your life. 

A nursery room is not just like any other room, a place where a child grows. It holds a load of memories between parents and child. So put a better effort into decorating a nursery room while using our gender neutral nursery decorating ideas.

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