How to make your home appear to be more expensive

When you don’t want to spend much money on your home but still want it to look lavish, all you can do is make a change.

You would always want your home to look stunning in an affordable way. So here are some ways that you can make your home look expensive with a quite exciting change in your home. Making your home look expensive requires a few quick upgrades.

Decorating your house at a low price and showing it expensive is way too challenging. So here are 10 ways that will make your home look expensive.

  • Unique furniture: 

Furniture plays an important role in making your home look what it is like. Transform your home with some beautiful and stunning furniture that is easily affordable.

Use small-sized furniture in your bedroom, living room, and kitchen. Choose unique shapes of the furniture. This will make people feel that your furniture is too expensive. You can choose dark color furniture for a bold and exciting look at your home.

  • Upgrade your entryway:

Upgrading your entryway is a simple as well as a stunning way to make your home look expensive. You can set up an entryway table and can have different kinds of anchors, lamps, and much more. An entryway should always be well organized and clean and for that our rustic-mail organizer can be placed on the entryway table.

 You can organize all your mails and other accessories with the mail organizer from yellow lotus. Our rustic mailbox can be used in different places and for multipurpose. Not only on the entryway table, but you can also place it in your bedroom, the home office desk, countertop of your kitchen.

  • Make your walls shine:

Colors enhance your rooms and play a great impact on how your home looks like. So, paint the walls of your home with some elegant colors.

It is the most attractive thing that is affordable. It would make your home look brighter and expensive. If you have dark furniture, use bright wall colors and vice-versa. Choose different colors for different rooms.

  •  Decorative Lights:

Update your old lights. Lights create a warm and bright feeling. The right light lifts your mood. Add ceiling lights to your living room. This will make your ceiling look attractive and expensive.

Not only ceiling lights, but you can also have decorative lights, luxury lights, and lamps. Lamps are energy-efficient and durable. It illuminates your room. So, update your light for an expensive look.

  • Wall art:

Wall art is the finishing element that can help pull a space together and make it feel complete. The wall art gives an extra touch to your home. It appears to be beautiful and expensive. The beauty of having good wall art in your home can never be unnoticed.

You can have wall art above the furniture, above the shelf, or anywhere you like. Décor your wall with beautiful paintings, wallpaper. Handmade wall art is always a better idea for making your home attractive. You can show up your creativity.

  •  Counter-table rustic mail organizer: 

Our counter kitchen accessory holder can also be used for organizing things like mail, pens, and much more that you spread around your kitchen table. This rustic mail organizer can be used for multi-purpose. You can organize your mails, cards, letters and much more. Not only that it can also hold your stationery items like pencils, pens, scissors. 

You can also add small glasses to it and add up spoons and fork separately. It becomes convenient to access your little kitchen items. It will look beautiful in the kitchen, and not only that you can even use it in home office décor. So use this product from YELLOW LOTUS for a valuable, extravagant look.

  • Get rid of unwanted stuff:

Having things that you don’t want makes your home look unattractive and clumsy. So always get rid of the things you don’t want.

The old shelf that you don’t want doesn’t need to be there anymore, neither does the old furniture. If you have any part of the furniture ruined, just take them away.

  • Update tiles:

Refresh the tiles in your home. You can either get new ones or just clean and strengthen them. First, you can remove the stains in the tiles and can color them. 

You can also add stencils to your tiles.  Simply stick the stencil over a tile with some tape and use tile paint to go over. Use shapes like leaves and acorns for a nature theme, or boats and shells for a nautical style.

After adding tiles to your home, you can easily make your home look lavish and stunning. You can use it on your kitchen floor, staircase, bathroom, anywhere you want.

  • Bathroom decor:

You might be doing it all for your home and you might as well do it for your bathroom. Make your bathroom look beautiful and humorous at the same time with a bathroom décor box from YELLOW LOTUS.

The bathroom box is made with solid wood and is double the fun with two funny bathroom signs. The Nice Butt sign and Get Naked sign are inkjet and won't peel.  Our get-naked box is a funny gift for him, for her, for friends, or as unique funny housewarming gifts for a new home or new couples.

You can keep it in the bathroom to store the toilet paper, and other toilet accessories, and also in your room for cute decorative purposes. This product from YELLOW LOTUS is for multi-purpose. 

  •  Greenery:

Lastly, add up beauty in your home that is pure and natural. Yes, everything that you add up is beautiful but here beautiful refers to something natural. You can add up a vase of beautiful and pleasant smelling flowers, or simply a little green plant.

Greenery not only makes the environment beautiful, but it is also good for your eyesight. Let your eyes relax on the beautiful plant every day in your home. Let it be natural green plants, or you can also add up artificial ones.

Get ready for a change in your room. Now you can make your home look expensive and lavish in budget.

Which of these ideas would you be trying soon? I hope this might have helped you. If you have any other ideas do share them with us. Comments and feedback are highly appreciated.