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Christmas is our favorite time of the year. We all want to decorate the Christmas tree with perfection. But bringing your Christmas tree visualization into reality is easier said than done. There are different elements that you have to be mindful of while decorating your Christmas tree. 

Different factors such as the shapes and color of baubles, structure, and size of the tree can impact its appearance. Getting the basics to decorate a Christmas tree right is the easiest way to get the perfect Christmas tree. This is the step-by-step guide to decorate Christmas tree.

Choose the right shape and size for the tree

The key to having the perfect Christmas tree is getting the right tree for your space. Choose a tree that is of the right height and size. If you are planning to decorate the tree as the centerpiece, then it is best to go for a big tree. As they say, bigger is better. 

But if you have limited space you can opt for slender yet tall trees. It ensures your space still stays functional. Similarly, the right shade of the tree is equally important. Go for classic green shades that will last you years.  

It is also a great idea to have a real tree. Your Christmas tree will not only look good but will also smell great. We often get overwhelmed by strategic marketing and go for trendy trees. But by next year, it will become obsolete. Instead buy classic trees which have easy setup and storage facilities.


Trim and fluff out the branches 

The packaged Christmas tree is often very constricted. The year-old storing the tree in cramped boxes certainly does a number on them. So grab your trusted rubber gloves and some scissors. We are going to give a makeover to our tree. 

First, unravel your Christmas tree. Fluff out the leaves while unfolding the tree. Also, bend the branches to fix sparse areas. It can be tedious but the result will have you astonished. After the fluffing and unraveling are done we move on to trimming the tree. Take some sturdy scissors to fix unruly branches. 

Shaping is more relevant for real Christmas trees. If you have a wild appearance of your tree then you can skip trimming them. This will make your tree appear fuller. 


Select the theme for your tree

Proper planning will have proper execution and breathtaking results. The key to decorate Christmas tree is to decide the theme of the tree for that year. Then start building decorations around your theme.  

You can switch up lights, add particular tree picks and choose the additional decorations accordingly. The color theme plays an important role as well. You can choose to decorate your tree in classic white and red. Or you can go all white with crystal snowflakes and silver baubles. 

The golden theme works great with yellow lights, white lacy ribbons, and golden decorating pieces. Choosing the theme beforehand gives you the roadmap to decorate your tree. It also prevents you from buying unnecessary fluffs. 


Start with the lights

After your tree is standing and fluffed, add your string lights! As we discussed earlier, go for the lights that are befitting the theme of your tree. Yellow fairy lights are the basics. You can go wilder or leave it there. 

Also, remember to add a spinner in the string lights. Spinners are used to spin the ornaments and decorations. It is perfect for ornaments such as baubles and crystal decorations.

Cover the bottoms with a tree skirt

A tree skirt is an important step while decorating your tree. All those embellishments but the bottoms of the tree conspicuously sticking out doesn’t look very aesthetic. Anything can be the tree skirt. We use a fluffy white blanket to make the tree skirt. 

A fluffy white blanket resembles snow so it is a win-win. You can also use a tree rug with your Christmas tree in pots. It also is perfect to work as a backdrop for Christmas presents.


Use tree picks to add color and fill sparse areas

Tree picks are absolutely essential to decorate your tree. They add flair and color to the regular green Christmas tree. It also fills up sparse areas in the tree. Tree picks come in different colors and styles. 

Choose the picks that go with the theme of the Christmas tree you decided for the year. You can also take multiple picks and bind them together as one using floral wires. They are the perfect way to add color to your Christmas tree. 


Then drape the tree with the ribbons and garlands 

After we have perfectly navigated through building the perfectly structured tree, we now head on to adding festivities. Ribbons and garlands elevate the overall look of the tree. 

They announce festivities. Choose the design befitting your original theme. You can use white tinsel garlands to mock snow. They bind all the decorations on the tree together. 


Add your ornaments

Adding the ornaments to your Christmas tree is the most interesting part of the process. Here you can let your imagination go wild. First, collect the ornaments that fit the theme. Then let your imagination run wild and add the elements of your choice. 

Keep the basics like baubles, Christmas socks, and pendants. Hang the shiny, reflective ones in the spinners. It will reflect light and introduce a magical experience.


Top it off with a tree topper

Finally, take an eye-catching tree topper and place it on top of your tree. It is the perfect way to finish off your Christmas tree. You can use the classic golden star as the tree topper. 

There are many contemporary takes available for your classic golden star. Instead of that, you can also choose a giant bow to go on top. It adds a soft touch and makes your space appear cozier. 


Take a final look and add the finishing touch

We are done! Now take a few steps away from the tree and intently observe everything. Add some more pendants. Fill up the sparse areas with some more tree picks. After these final finishing touches, your tree is ready to be the centerpiece of your space. 

Just remember to take your time, be creative, and have fun with it. And if all else fails, you can always go for the classic red and green look. So what theme did you decide to decorate Christmas tree this year? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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