11 Small Home Office Design Ideas for Him or Her- 2023

Want to make a small office at home but don’t have an exact idea how to start? If you are looking for small home office design ideas then, no worry you’re at the right place.

With just a little creativity and some rearrangement, you can easily make room for a home office in a small space no matter how small or big it is. All you need now is to make your time and invest in some new stationery.

Here is the list of 11 small home office design ideas that will make your life easier. 

1. Add a comfortable chair or sofa

The first and most important small home office design idea is to add a comfortable chair or sofa. Whether you work from home or in an office, it's important to have an ergonomic seat that will help keep your back intact. To do that, you need a chair or sofa.

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Choose a chair/sofa that has features like lumbar support, great cushioning, and adjustability to make it through the workday.

2. Eye-catchy lamps

Picking one of the best desk lamps is essential when building your very own home office, now working from home has become normal for many people. In general, cooler blue and white lights are good for working.

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Choose the lamps that help when you concentrate on a particular area for writing, typing, or drawing. 

3. Hanging lounger to relax

You all need a little relaxation after work or in between work. A hanging lounge chair can only help you get the rest you deserve, but it also infuses your decor with the style it craves.

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So choose the hanging lounger that makes us feel free and calm just like how a baby falls asleep on a cradle or a swinging hammock.

4. A gallery wall

The gallery wall is a traditional way to display a collection of artwork. A gallery wall is another great cool idea to decorate a plain wall and show off everything that you like.


You can make a great gallery wall with your favorite collection of things you love like photographs, drawings, or art, and then start adding in the things you cherish like postcards from favorite vacations.

5. Some Artwork

Did you know that having the right art in your home office can increase your productivity and happiness while working? That’s right, not only is your work better, but you’ll feel better doing it. 

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That’s why office art is so important, whether it comes in the form of framed prints or hand-stretched canvas.

6. A cozy rug

Another small home office design idea is to add a cozy rug. The easiest way of defining your home office space is by styling rugs for your home office. It will instantly anchor the room and give you a starting point to transform your home office decor. 

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Choose a rug that is high in quality, soft, neutral, and looks chic which adds value to your home office area.

7. Small writing desk

Any computer desk can be used as a writing desk. Modern writing desks are designed for laptop computers so depending on the size of your home office, place your desk in the center of the room but still facing the wall.


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So while choosing a writing desk for your home office space, choose the desk with drawers and plenty of space so that you can organize your important office documents.

  1. Mail organizer box

Tired of all the mail piles and not having a place to organize them? Then the mail organization box from YELLOW LOTUS is a perfect idea for organizing mail piles, important documents, and letters.

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Not only organizing the mails but you can use it as a pen holder, and arrange a lot of other accessories that you may use in the home office. This box is perfect for home office ideas.

9. Hide your stuff

Hiding your stuff sucks when you've got a small house, some rooms may have to do double duty like you have to combine your home office and living room and utilize every single corner of it. 

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Sometimes the items that clutter our desks are the office supplies we need the most, so for that, you can use a letter and pen holder box from YELLOW LOTUS to organize things on your desk and drawers to hide your stuff.

10. Bring in nature

One of the benefits of working from home is the ability to design an office space that inspires and motivates you. A great way to create an environment that is healthy and productive is with office plants.

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So, bringing nature to your home office is a perfect idea as it makes you feel so fresh and it gives positive energy to do your work. 

11. Consider cabinets

The last  small home office design idea is to add cabinets. It is always good to have cabinets to hold larger items, reams of paper, files, and other office essentials. Cabinets in your home office have a significant visual impact on the overall design.

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Home office furniture can be custom-designed to fit your needs. This can help balance out a desk that doesn’t have a ton of built-in storage. These are some of the small home office design ideas you can use to make your home office look much more organized. If you love these ideas don’t forget to share them on your social profiles. Also, don't forget to check out YELLOWLOTUSUSA for more home decor ideas and home decor items.