Feng Shui For Your Bedroom: Rules For What To Bring In & Keep Out

Feng Shui is a pseudoscientific traditional practice that originated in China. It was conventionally popular for building important religious architecture such as tombs and temples. Later it was adopted into personal residency since it induced better sleep in them. 

The concept of Feng Shui studies the alignment of natural forces such as water, wind, stars, and light to align with humans to create the perfect balance for optimal positive energy and diminish negative ones.

 Feng shui believes that your bedroom should be your comfort zone. It must be filled with positive energy and recharge you with only good vibes. You do not have to buy new things to achieve this harmony in your bedroom. Here we have enlisted 10 Feng shui bedroom ideas for better sleep.


  • Move your bed away from the window

The first Feng shui bedroom idea is to move your bed away. When your bed is close to your window, you have that opening right in the window. They don't have that wall support. Your subconscious mind is on the edge since it cannot trust the breakable glasses of your windows.

Another issue of sleeping next to the window is security. Your brain ponders over the possibility of someone breaking in the window or you just accidentally falling right through and out of it. Therefore, place your bed away from the window and next to the walls

  • Keep only one mirror in your bedroom

Feng Shui believes that a mirror not only can reflect an image but is also capable of reflecting energy. It is best to have only one mirror in your bedroom. If possible it recommends not to have any mirrors at all. 

Place your mirror somewhere so that any parts of your body do not reflect on the mirror while you are sleeping. 

  • Keep your bedroom lights soft and warm

Light is another major element of Feng Shui. The amount and type of light that is in your bedroom can vastly affect your sleep cycle. Feng Shui suggests having just a faint source of warm light in your bedroom. 

Try to keep the color as close to natural light. Warm and soft light can help you manifest better while sleeping. This helps in achieving your goals. 

  • Distance your bed from television, laptops, and your workstation

Another Feng shui bedroom idea for better sleep is to maintain the distance of your bed from television, laptops, and your workstation. Your workstation might leave you anxious thinking about that last remaining work that you need to finish.

 Televisions and laptops emit blue rays. Studies indicate that blue light is unnatural to human eyes. It disturbs your sleep. So turn off your devices and keep them out of your reach at least one hour before sleep.

  • Keep your bedroom clutter-free

Clutter not only disturbs your space but also disturbs your mind. Going clutter-free saves you tons of time trying to find things. When your surroundings are clean and nurturing, it will change you from inside. 

Most of the time your environment reflects your mind and vice versa as well. So a clutter-free bedroom means a clutter-free mind. There are few chances of you getting caught up in that 2 am thoughts and being insomniac.

  • Have a good headboard in your bed

The concept of Feng Shui suggests having a solid and hard headboard in your bed. This ensures that your head is well protected. It removes all the vulnerabilities that an open head can be exposed to.

 Your subconscious mind lets you sleep well with a sense of security and comfort.

  • Do not keep the mirror directly in front of your door

The mirror is capable of reflecting all the sources of energy. It can reflect good energies that enter our room. So to keep the good energy trapped, refrain from placing a mirror right in front of the door.

 Plus it is such a weird experience to see yourself the first thing you enter your bedroom. It can take away the sense of comfort and peace while entering and shift the focus on you. 

  • Do not align your bed to an open door

Avoid placing your bed right in front of the door. Your sleep might get disturbed if the energies that come from outside do not align with your internal energy. 

Try placing your bed to the next corner such that your bed is not visible from the outside. 

  • Keep your mattress firm and well supported

Feng shui suggests that your mattress should provide good support to your spine while also providing comfort. 

Do not get a hard mattress that may poke your skin and leave you sore the next morning. Also do not fall for very soft and unsupported beds.

  •  Do not have protruding beams in your bedroom

The last feng shui bedroom idea is to stop having protruding beams in your bedroom. Feng Shui believes beams as the vessel of negative energy. It can hinder your positive energy and disturb your sleep cycle. You can cover the beams if there is one in your current bedroom.


There are many other ways that you can introduce the concept of Feng shui in your regular activities. Following these feng shui bedroom ideas requires you to only make certain alterations to furniture placement. It is simply attainable.

 Tell us in the comments about the things that you are doing wrong to date and how you plan to change them and which feng shui bedroom idea you love most.