Easy DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas to Try This Holiday

It’s almost the time of the year which brings joy and happiness to the family, along with that it’s time to spend all your money on decoration and thoughtful gifts and in need of some Christmas Decoration ideas. But if you can be creative and recreate some seasonal and trendy DIY Christmas decorations, you will be saving a lot of money and also have a lot of fun with being creative. So, we came up with these 10 easy DIY Christmas decoration ideas that will save your money to decorate your house on Christmas in the most beautiful way.

1. Garland Accents
The first among 10 Easy DIY Christmas decoration ideas is Garland Accents. Grab some construction paper in vibrant colors and cut out some seasonal shapes. Then glue them together and hang them from your garland. Now, tie a ribbon.

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2. Black paper tablecloth
Take black butcher paper and a paint pen. Channel your inner artist with those things and draw on decorative details and /or customize place cards, and boom, it makes cleaning up after a holiday lunch or dinner much easier than usual.

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3. Wood candle holder
Make your home cozier and warm with these rustic wood candle holders. Place it in the desired tray with greenery and berry accents, or if you wish, place them all throughout the house. Follow the tutorial from martysmusings.

Source : hearstapps

4. Christmas décor tray
Here is another easy Christmas decoration idea that can work in any room in the house by YELLOWLOTUSUSA. Simply arrange a bunch of flowers in a small vase or bottle, gift package, and the stuff you wish to be there in the tray. It will give an elegant look to the room. And yes it is easy to carry with both holding handles at each side.

Source: Yellowlotus

5. Outdoor arrangements
Arrange a neat pile of firewood by the front door for the cozy display and then fill the basket with pine spray branches with glittery silver stars for the touch of sparkle which will give you the perfect Christmas look.

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6. Pegboard Christmas tree
If you are on a low budget or want to save a good amount of money, you can make your own simple and beautiful tree. It will save your time on cleaning up branches too. The tutorial here Sugarandcloth will help you on making the tree.

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7. Lantern Display
Get big lanterns and different colored ornaments. Fill lanterns with colorful ornaments inside and tie polka dot ribbons on the top. It will give a warm look and will be beautiful for welcoming your guests with warm gestures.

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8. 3D Snowflakes
We can get pretty paper snowflakes and also pretty paper snowflakes that are in 3D. You can hang them overhead near your holiday dinner table. For a Christmas look, stick it to an all-white look with some fresh greenery sprinkled in.

Source: Pinterest

9. Garland Advent Calendar
Make your kitchen garland an Advent calendar. Attach a ribbon across it and then hang little tin containers labeled with the day of the month and fill them with treats. This will make your kitchen garland more interesting and gorgeous.

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10. Spare little Tree
It is so easy and simple to make and will add a Christmas vibe to your home. Just find a sturdy tree branch, apply spray paint, set it in a small glass bottle or vase, and decorate. Thelovelydrawer will teach you how to make it.

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Use these DIY Christmas decoration ideas to save your money and spend time with your loved one creating them. and also don’t forget to share these ideas with your friends and family. For gifting yourself and your loved ones with the best décor items, shop with us at YELLOWLOTUSUSA.