Best Modern Living Room Decor Ideas For A Farmhouse Look


The modern farmhouse represents warmth and coziness while adding the vibe of contemporary style and modern touch. Modern farmhouse decor is all about combining the old and new decor styles that bring comfort and elegance, a perfect decor style for the living room. The modern farmhouse living room decor will certainly bring a relaxed vibe with simple and minimal decorations.

If you are planning to create a modern farmhouse living room then try our modern farmhouse living room decor ideas. Here, we present you with some of the best modern living room decor ideas for the farmhouse look that will be certainly super fun and exciting.

Choose Neutral Color 

The neutral color intensifies the light and makes the room a lot bigger than it actually is. A bigger room always brings a feeling of a dreamy, airy, and comforting space that leads to being more inviting and welcoming, the major goal of every farmhouse look.

You can always use neutral colors like white, beige, gray, or greige (gray and beige), and to achieve the classic farmhouse style of decor in the living room. These neutral shades of color bring warm tones and will never go out of style for the farmhouse look.

Opt For Rustic Storage

The farmhouse style is based on a minimalist design and clutter-free space. And the whole decor can be achieved only with functional and decorative storage but also inspired by the rustic style. 

So, use our simple and classy storage that will not be only a quick storage solution for the clutter but also a home decor accessory to evoke the beauty of your modern farmhouse living room. 

Add our rustic shabby chic storage in the living room that is practical, simple, and rustic charm and perfect for a modern farmhouse living room. Order this etsy brown-colored storage box, perfect as a boho home decor accessory as well as a storage solution for the clutter.


Use Distressed Color Furniture

Choosing the furniture for the other decoration style has always become complex. But it is simple and easy for farmhouse style, just pick antique and vintage types of furniture like wooden carved and rustic finished furniture that immediately transform the living room into a farmhouse look. 

Place rustic and distressed kind of look furniture for a modern farmhouse living room to give timeless, aesthetic charm, and a free-spirited vibe, making the home look shabby but stylish. The distressed kind of furniture creates a rustic charm while embracing the modern touch for a cozy and vibrant look.


Rustic Decor Accents

The farmhouse also represents the rustic touches with an aesthetic balance. So, placing the decorative accents that are hugely inspired by the rustic style is a great addition to the modern farmhouse living room decor.

Create a sophisticated organized house decoration with our multifunctional vanity tray. Our vanity tray can create a functional centerpiece for your living room table where you can include other decorative items such as potted plants, and candles to enhance the other farmhouse decorations. 


Decore With Greenery

Farmhouse style is all about making everything natural and earthy, so placing the plants will be a perfect addition to the modern farmhouse living room decor. Add the potted plants and flowers to bring more greeneries to the living room.

Use the macrame plant hanger to place all your plants to make your home decoration more stylish and eclectic or place it on a vase to make it budget-friendly. Placing the plants and flowers is too much for you, then keep the plants like cacti that need low maintenance.


Consider Inspirational Wall Decor

Placing some inspiration wall decor is the perfect way to complement the neutral look of the farmhouse living room. Inspirational printed wall signs will certainly help you bring a positive atmosphere to the living room.

If you have a kid in your home and they often hang out in the living room then we suggest you buy our motivational adventure awaits rustic wall sign. This inspirational wall sign is designed in such a way to remind your child to be true to themselves and to their loved ones.


Bring More Natural Lights With Curtain Tiebacks

Elevate the overall farmhouse living room decor with the flow of natural sunlight. Make your farmhouse living room a sun-drenched space with our wooden beaded natural curtain holdbacks that are perfect for the farmhouse decor. 

These curtain tiebacks can help you tie curtains firmly while adding visual effects for the window treatment decor to the modern farmhouse living room. Order these farmhouse curtain holdbacks to bring more sunlight into the room and to create the living room look more exotic from our amazon store.

Bring In Nature Texture With Statement Accessory

Enhance your modern farmhouse living room decor with the use of statement home accessories that should be both functional and decorative. Nothing makes a more statement piece than our gorgeous grey color wooden storage box. 

Our storage box is a good display box with the capacity of holding a potted plant, cutlery items, magazines, and other supplies, perfect for your dining table, coffee table, and desk. Perfect addition as a home decor accessory that blends with the modern farmhouse living room decor ideas and is easily available in Amazon stores.

A modern farmhouse is all about making everything simple and cozy but the whole decor setup should be lively. Make your living room traditional and country with our modern farmhouse living room decor ideas.

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