9 tricks of the eye to make a room look bigger

Your space can appear crowded very easily. Throughout these years you might have attempted different techniques to make your space appear larger. You might feel more productive and relaxed in open spaces but it might be difficult for you with that little floor space. You all might be searching for tricks to make a room look bigger. 

Well technically, your brain believes what it sees. So fool it into believing what you want to see. Here are 9 top tricks to make a room look bigger. 

  • Lighter walls

    The first trick to make a room look bigger is to make the wall lighter. The colour of your room is the fundamental element that can determine its size. When you use darker colours in your small space, your room will appear much smaller than it is. 

    So go for lighter shades such as eggshell white, pale pastels, and beige yellow to brighten the space. This colour reflects the natural light and makes the space appear bigger than it is. 


    Source: Elledecor

  • Try to blend the curtains with the walls

    Curtains are easily the last thing people think about when decorating any space. But it is easily the second largest factor in determining the appearance of your room. When the colour of your curtains harshly contradicts your wall and ceiling colours, it creates a harsh line. 

    Therefore, buy the curtains at the end when you have decided on the colour of your floor, walls, and ceilings. Try to find a curtain that is a perfect match for the walls. Also, it is extremely helpful to keep the weight of your curtains light and flowy. It makes the room airy and light.


    Source: Templeandwebster

  • Try minimalist furniture

    You should always access your personal space before moving on to impulse buying furniture. You do not need more furniture. Just use your available resources at their utmost. 

    Also, buy furniture with legs. It gives a lighter and airy feel to the room. If possible, match the colour scheme of your furniture to that of your walls. Or you can always thrift some quality pieces.


    Source: Elle decor

  • Remove clutter

    Another important trick to make a room look bigger is to remove clutter. Cluster is the reason why your space looks cramped even though that is far from reality. 

    First, you will need to try your clothes, then move to jewellery. It is easy to go back and forth between these spaces so there is no hassle. Your space will be cleared without effort. Finally, you can add organizing tools such as laundry baskets, storage boxes, jewellery hangers, and pen holders to tuck away the mess and keep it clean all the time. 


    Source: Yellow lotus

  • Use vertical space
  • Instead of using up more floor space, you can use your wall space too. Custom build some ceiling-high furniture. It adds both space and clarity to your room.

     A bookshelf that reaches your ceiling makes your room even taller than it is. It provides the opportunity for human eyes to travel throughout the lengths which creates the illusion of a larger space. 


    Source: pinterest

  • Keep the floor space neat and clear

    A clear floor space means easy movement in your space. This addition of movement makes the room feel more spacious than it is. It also makes the room look bigger.

    Try to tuck away your furniture to the walls and create an open space in the middle. The space in the middle invites more light to the room and keeps it open. This way you will also utilize all floor space. 


    Source: noverohomes

  • Use brighter and lighter linens 

    Your bedding also plays a role in how spacious your room can appear. So we have matching walls, ceilings, and curtains. Now the final step is to bind these components altogether with bedding which falls under the same colour scheme as that of your room. 

    Since you are more into lighter colour for your room, go for beddings with off-white and pale pastel colours. Bring in some personality to your space with the help of a light subdued pattern. This step will add that extra oomph to create an illusion of a bigger room. 

    Source: Indianshelf

  • Extensive use of mirrors

    Many smaller spaces these days use a mirror to create an illusion of a larger room. Place mirrors wherever possible. It tricks you into believing that your space is twice as large as it is. 

    Some designers go for a whole panel of the wall just made out of the mirror. You can also add mirrors in the ceiling to increase the appearance of vertical space.


    Source: Westelm

  • Transparent and mirrored furniture

    Last but not the least, using mirrored or glass furniture can be the best trick to make a room look bigger. Glasses remove any form of demarcation and blend in with any interiors. 

    Similarly, a mirror doubles the appearance of the space that you have. So instead of bulky tables, go for clear glass ones. If possible, swap your walls to windows or glasses. This provides a monochromatic look to your room and ties everything together. 

    Source: Indiamart

    So, these are the top 9 tricks to make a room look bigger. The keynotes are keeping everything light and monochromatic, extensive use of mirrors and glasses, and a clutter-free environment. 

    Tell us which of these techniques you already are using down in the comments. Also, give me more tips to make my room appear more spacious.