8 amazing woodland theme nursery decor ideas


Whether you are an expecting parent looking for nursery decor ideas or the parent to restyle the nursery with a cute and gorgeous theme, a woodland-themed nursery would be the perfect choice for you.

Woodland nursery decor is one of the nursery themes that help in creating a stimulating atmosphere and place for the children. Woodland nursery themes decor are eclectic, fanciful, playful, and absolutely relaxing. And choosing a woodland theme would be certainly a good idea for the nursery as this nursery decoration is inspired by country life and the natural thing.

Create a wonderful world of woodland in the baby’s room without breaking the bank from our nursery decor ideas. Here are some of our best woodland nursery decor ideas that help you in designing the aesthetic nursery:

Adventure awaits nursery wall sign

Wanted to inspire the child with the decor that is both decorative and inspirational. Then, you can use the adventure awaits nursery wall art that is cute, gorgeous, and motivational with the phrase called “ Adventure Awaits “. 

A rustic finished and forest-themed nursery art with the story of travel to motivate the child to enjoy their future journey of life. This inspirational wall sign is designed in such a way to remind your child to be true to themselves and to their loved ones.

Use our jungle theme nursery wall art in both baby girl and baby boy rooms that can be easily harmonized with the woodland theme nursery decorations and is easily available on the amazon store.


Pen and pencil holder

We all know that kids love doodling things but they also keep losing the major essentials for the doodle-like pencils, pens, and crayons. It is really difficult for every parent to organize these important essentials. 

Thus, our pen and pencil holder would be the perfect solution for it. Our three compartment organizer has a large capacity for holding these small items such as pens, pencils, markers, paper clips, crayons, and other supplies that easily get lost.

This functional and decorative pen and pencil would be a great addition to the woodland theme nursery decor and you can purchase it on Amazon and Etsy

Dream big little one nursery wall art

Surround the little ones and inspired them to dream big with our dream big little one nursery wall art. This dream big little one nursery wall sign will certainly encourage the child to dream of a big ambition in their life.

A handcrafted safari theme nursery decor that has a half-moon and a star, will generate an imaginative atmosphere in the nursery. Placing our wall art just above the baby’s crib or bed will certainly bring a wild imagination to the child. 

Place this nursery wall art to bring that gender neutral theme to the nursery and is the perfect nursery accent for the woodland nursery decor. Purchase our dream big little one on Etsy as well as in the Amazon store.

Nursery storage box

Our cute nursery storage box is great for a woodland-themed nursery. Clear all the mess that happened on the desk after their study and drawing time. This storage is so good for organizing all the stationery supplies on the desk.

Keep the nursery room neater and organized with this lovely and functional white-colored storage box. Use the storage box to hold the stationery supplies, motivational cards, and gift cards to make the nursery room style fancier. 

Little man cave room decor

Needed a decor for the adventurous little boy then look no further than the Little man cave room decor. A statement accessory that is simple but still fulfills the criteria of woodland theme decor would be a great standalone piece for the boy room decor.

A handmade nursery wall decor art that has funny mustache signs and arrow signs to represent their belonged space and territory. A perfect addition to the woodland animals nursery and boho theme nursery decor for the boy’s room.

Cave room decor will certainly be the focal point in the boy’s nursery room or teenage boy’s room. And to make this wall sign yours, shop our little man cave from the amazon store.

Curtains and Tiebacks

The curtain can give cozy visual effects to complete the overall look of the woodland-themed nursery decor. Complement the style of woodland animals nursery decor with curtains containing the forest, animals, plants, and trees.

Add the curtain tiebacks to hold the curtain together and to complete the look of the woodland-themed decor. These curtain tiebacks are perfect for the woodland-inspired nursery, kid’s room, and playroom.

Diaper Caddy

Don’t compromise your nursery decor with the same old boring storage bins to organize the diaper caddy. Use our rustic chic and contemporary-designed diaper caddy that goes perfectly well with the woodland animal nursery decor for both boys' and girls' rooms.

Our functional and decorative diaper caddy will certainly help in keeping the diapers organized and is a neutral-inspired accessory that is a good match to the woodland nursery decor.

Animal Plush Toys

Adding animal plush toys to the baby’s room will certainly evoke the feeling of cozy and warmness in the woodland theme nursery decor. A stuffed animal will bring a whimsical touch to the room and is a gender-neutral nursery theme accent.

Placing animal plush toys in the nursery will encourage the child to learn about the existence of other creatures and animals in this world. Similarly, these accents will definitely entertain them while spending time in the room.

Woodland nursery decor has become a trend as people love the concept of nature and bringing nature into their baby’s room has been fulfilled by woodland theme decor. 

Encourage the child from an early age to learn about mother earth with this gender-neutral woodland nursery decor and make the nursery room aesthetic and cozy with this decor.

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