20 pantry organization ideas for small spaces kitchen

Ever wondered why in the world is my pantry always full despite all the little things in it?  Pantry the area, shelves, or rooms that are used for storage purposes. 

It is a very important area for storing all your kitchen items. You can store all your uncooked items like spices, chips, veggies, and much more.

Have you been thinking about how to manage your entire pantry? So here are some amazing tips you will love to organize your pantry as it can sometimes be a mess despite all the care and tidiness. With the given ideas you can make your pantry feel twice as big.

So, here are the 20 pantry organization ideas for small spaces kitchen

  • Make a pantry layout:

It is the first and foremost thing that you should do. It is always better to have a pantry as you want. So, just make a layout for your pantry. Make a vision of it how you would love. What items you will store on the top and what on the bottom. So, the first step of small pantry organization ideas is to make the layout accordingly.

For layout ideas, have a pantry based on what you will be storing? Make wide spaces to stack your containers. Make compartments to store your baskets. Make use of every space, the wide ones as well as narrow ones.

  • Use a pegboard:

A pegboard is a board with holes into which pegs are inserted in specific patterns. It is also very useful in organizing your pantry and kitchen items. Storage becomes easier with the help of a pegboard.

You can hang on your kitchen items like spoons, knives, pots, some other utensils, and much more. It helps you save a lot of your space and time. So, use a pegboard to hang most of your kitchen items. It makes it easier and convenient to get your things on a pegboard.

  • A Lazy Susan Pantry:

If you are tired of falling off one or the other items while taking something that you need, a lazy Susan can be a very helpful item for you. A lazy Susan is a must for every pantry. It helps you as new means of storage in a wide range of ways.

Get lazy Susan and add all the spices in one, the can juice in another, your bottled drinks, and much more. Just turn to Susan and get what you have been looking for. It is the easiest and coolest means of storage.

  • Use storage boxes: 

It is always important to have a good and clean storage container for storage purposes. Use storage boxes from yellow lotus for different items in your kitchen. 

The box is made with premium 100% solid hardwood that is 1.5 cm thick tested materials which won’t break like plywood, MDF, or other thin board.


  • Use the behind door area:

The behind-door area is a perfect place to store your items as it is truly helpful for storage purposes. You can store your utensils, lids, and measuring cups. You can also store spices, small can juice, and your storage containers there.

  • Get a wire shelf:

Use a wire shelf to hang your chips, candies, and other junk foods that you usually eat. You can also store your packet of cereals here. This is a convenient way to store your food items. This helps you save a lot of your space.

  • Use a basket to store fruits and veggies:

Baskets can be used to store uncooked vegetables and fruits. Metallic containers can make the vegetables discolor and make them stink. Soo, it is always a good idea to store your fruits and vegetables in baskets.

  • Pull-out shelves:

You can easily pull-out the shelves in your pantry. This makes life easier and helps you organize your things well. You can easily get the items that you want. So, open up the drawers, you can show your beautiful pantry items.

  • Organizing by color-coordination:

Colors play an important role in picking up an item. Arrange your pantry based on colors. Keep the red chips packet on one and the yellow ones on the other. It makes you clear on which item you will be picking.

  • Use a shelf liner:

A shelf liner helps you preserve your pantry items such that they don’t fall. There is a high risk of your containers falling while you pick one or the other thing.

Not only your containers but also your utensils that are stored on the shelf. So, use a shelf liner. You can either get one in the market or you can even make your DIY shelf liner.

  • A bungee cord for storing paper towels:

A bungee cord is an elastic cord that is used to secure an object without tying the knots. Using a  bungee cord is a great way to store your paper towels.

You can make a temporary towel holder with the help of a bungee cord. Not only paper towels but you can also hold aluminum foils and other kitchen items.

  • Shelf risers:

Shelf risers provide a stable and beautiful storage surface that easily fits the pantry. You can use the shelf risers on the pantry for easy access to items in the back. You can stack the least used items in the back and most used on the front area of the shelf risers. 

  • Use separate sections for eatables and drinks:

It becomes convenient to find your food items and beverages when stored separately. You can easily grab your eatables. Put your bottles and cans on the top of the shelf and your junk food, spices below, or vice versa.

  • Label the pantry shelves:

Label your pantry shelves. You can easily identify where the items have been placed. Label the grain items, spices, snacks accordingly. This will truly help you, as it saves all your space and time. 

You can easily make your labels for the shelves. So, separate your items on different shelves and label them all.

  • Magazine holders holding canned items:

Magazine holders can be used in your kitchen as well. It is a cool DIY to hold your canned items. So if you have an extra magazine holder then bring it to your kitchen to hold your canned food items. 

The magazine holder box from yellow lotus is a perfect idea.  This box Keeps your magazines organized.

  • Label your containers:

Yes earlier we discussed labeling the shelves, but you can also label your jars with ingredients. You can easily label your food items at your home. It is easy as well as fun to do the task and it might as well help you in the kitchen.

  • Separate area for trays:

Trays come in different sizes and occupy most of your areas. So why not store them in a particular place? Store all your serving trays, baking trays, and any other trays on a separate shelf or even baskets if you like.

  • Use the walls:

Kitchen walls are the most underrated areas to be used. Use your wall to show off your kitchen items. You can hang things on your wall above the sink, or just near the refrigerator. Don’t worry people will love these ideas and will be following you too.

  • Recipe of the ingredients:

Add up a cool yet amazing trick to your kitchen. Write the recipe of the ingredients that you rarely use. Put on the recipe of the ingredients in the jar of the cocoa powder that you use less often.

  • Transform the unused corners:

The corner areas are the most neglected areas for people to store their items. It feels congested and hard to reach the corners. Still the corner areas of the kitchen can be used for storing items. Use each corner of the kitchen only then you can find it spacious.

So these are the easiest small kitchen pantry organization ideas.

Which of these tricks have you been using? Do tell us some more if you have any other tricks to upgrade your pantry making it look more spacious. And do not forget to grab decorative boxes