12 Clever laundry room organization ideas

The laundry room is one of the most unorganized areas of any house. You all might have the habit of just tossing the dirty clothes in the room, closing the door, and forgetting about the mess altogether. It is just a room filled with a pile of dirty and clean clothes and an unmatched pair of socks. 

Every weekend, it is a battle you have to conquer with your laundry room. So these are some of the ideas to get rid of all these hassles and have an organized Laundry room. 

Here are 12 laundry room organization ideas to make it more organized and aesthetically pleasing. 

  • Add more storage bins

The first laundry room organization idea is to add more storage bins. You always have your stuff here and there in the room.

 Instead of just tossing the stuff like detergents, brushes, different cleaning solutions, and dusting brushes into random corners get some storage bins. You might as well get matching storage bins to make them look coherent.

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  • Use vertical space

Usually, laundry rooms are made in confined spaces. So it is difficult to make room for everything. Instead of increasing the size of the room, make ways to make optimal use of your vertical space. 

Add more wall cabinets. If you want your laundry room to look more polished, it is best to go for closed cabinets. You can use storage baskets to make your open cabinets organized.

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  • Add more hanging bars

 Hanging your clothes while drying keeps their shape intact and prevents it from shrinking. It also saves you from the tedious routine of ironing your clothes. 

Therefore fill those empty vertical spaces with hanging bars. Along with the bars buy some matching hangers to serially hang all your clothes.

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  • Pegboard wall

Is it not much more convenient to just see everything that you have out on display? Pegboards are the best option to just do that.

Hang your scrubbers, brushes, lint rollers, and mop on the pegboard. You can also put some reminders and laundry rules if you have the habit of forgetting things and mixing your whites with colored pieces.

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  • Labels

Another laundry room organization idea is to keep labels. A way to keep track of everything in your laundry room is to just label everything. 

You can just handwrite the labels on some washi tapes and attach them to all the containers and storage bins. Or you can just simply print them if you have the access to printers. 

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  • DIY dryer sheets dispenser

It is easy to lose your dryer sheets once you open the box. They get scattered everywhere. So prevent this mess by making a simple dispenser just for dryer sheets. Place this little arrangement on your counter top.

To make your own dryer sheet dispenser take some old tissue box. Now fill this tissue box with your fresh dryer sheets. Take them out whenever you need them. All that mess is now no more. 

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  • Lint Box

Make your little lint box with the help of some old garbage cans or reuse any big cans or containers in your house. Now give a neat and crisp paint to that container.

Finally, decorate the box representing it as a container for lint's that you have collected over time. This hack ensures that the lint collected doesn’t get thrown around in the laundry room.

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  • Glass jars for your laundry supplies

One of the sophisticated and neat ways to organize your laundry room is by adding glass jars to the countertops. Fill them with your supplies such as detergents and fabric softeners. 

Glass jars also keep your laundry supplies dry. So you no more will that lumpy detergent. But make sure to keep the kids away from them. 

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  • Sectioned hampers

Hampers are an amazing way to save you some time on your laundry day. Place separate hampers for your whites, lights and darks. Instead of throwing everything in one place just get three matching hampers. Nowadays they even manufacture ones that are pre sectioned. 

It saves you the time to reclassify your laundry. It is the most tedious part of doing laundry. And however careful I am I always misplace one with another. I have ruined a lot of whites. Trust me having sectioned hampers comes in handy.

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  • Invest in drying racks

Your delicates need a special place to peacefully dry. Surely you cannot throw everything in your dryer. So invest in some sturdy drying racks. 

There are options of wall-mounted drying racks or drying rack stands. Choose the best based on your area. If you have more wall space, it is best to go with wall-mounted drying racks.

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  • Spare baskets

With that loads of laundry, you never know when you will need some extra baskets to keep things organized. Have an extra hamper or laundry basket to put in extra loads. 

Having spare baskets and hampers prevents your laundry room to get littered with random pairs of trousers and socks.

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  • Fun wallpapers

The last laundry room organization idea is to add fun wallpapers. Who told your laundry space should be dull with all those cleaning supplies? Give your laundry room a little makeover with some floral and pastel wallpapers.

Now go to your local hardware shop and get some fun wallpapers. Placing fun wallpapers are like fresh breathers to your otherwise mundane laundry room. 

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Well, these are the top 12 laundry room organization ideas you might require. The wallpapers are the game-changer. They add color to the room and made the process somehow tolerable. Share these ideas with your family and friends if you love them. Also, don't forget to check out YELLOWLOTUSUSA  for more decor ideas and beautiful home decor items.