11 Cheap Holiday Home Decor Ideas | Holiday Decorations 2022

The holiday season is coming nearer and nearer and you all require holiday home decor ideas. Somehow, decorating your house can become quite expensive. 

Sometimes using expensive décor is the way to go. Still, there is something so special and charming about utilizing the stuff you already have at home and using affordable decor, and making it look elegant. You can be creative and decorate your home with those pieces of stuff which you already have and make your home beautiful.  

These are the best 11 unique holiday home decor ideas for this holiday I love most, which are both tasteful and inexpensive. 

Wrap Your Picture Frames

This is a very simple yet elegant holiday home decor idea. At first, take medium to large-sized artwork or you can also take picture frames that are hanging on your walls. And then simply wrap them up like presents with beautiful wrapping paper. 

You can also make the color theme of the wall and wrapper paper the same. This holiday decor will add extra spice to your room and will give a Christmas vibe. 


Shiny Brite Curtain Tiebacks

For this boho home decor idea, we take handmade wooden beads curtain holdbacks, and you can simply take this gorgeous rustic white farmhouse curtain tiebacks with tassel and tie them around your curtain.

It will add an instant look to your room's curtain. It's super simple and easy too. You can make your boring curtain look extra with this decor. 


Dried Citrus Christmas Garland

First, take string slices of dried citrus and pretty ribbon. Now keep that string slices of dried citrus on a plaid ribbon and then layer that on top of plain greenery.

You can drape that around a piece of furniture, around windows, and on staircases. It will make your staircase, window, or any place you keep it on look fabulous.


 Staircase Bows

Buy a bow from your local store (or make one yourself) and secure a cluster of shiny red ornaments in the center.

Now you can use it with the garland and attach it to the railings of your house. This is a great holiday home decor idea.



Dress up a book

For this decor, take any book you have. Now open the book, the cut felt longer than the book's length. Wrap the ends around the front and back of the book cover and then, bond the edges and glue it. 

Trace and cut out holiday-themed silhouettes like our reindeer. Glue felt cutouts onto the felt cover. Boom, a new piece of decor is ready.


Wood decorative box

A Wooden decorative box from Yellow Lotus is the best option to add to your affordable holiday decor item list. This box helps you to organize your room table and adds rustic charm to your decoration. 

You can keep any of the stuff that you want in this box and can keep it in your bathroom or any of the places you desire it to be.


Use dishes in a different way

Simply display your favorite dishes in a glass cabinet for a merry and oh-so-easy accent. If you don't have holiday dishes, you can also pair them with plain white china with red mugs or dessert plates.

If you want more fun you can use your color scheme for this decor. Use any colored dishes of your desire.


Enliven an entry

For this decor, you can simply line the mirror with a simple garland and add a red pillow to the sofa set. 

They don't even need to say "Christmas”, a red pillow will be fine but if you have one you can use that. It will bring the spirit of Christmas to your entryway.


Christmas decor tray

YELLOW LOTUS has this affordable Christmas décor tray that adds a rustic vibe to any room. Simply arrange a bunch of flowers in a small vase or bottle, a gift package, and the stuff you wish to be there in the tray. You can use it for multipurpose also. 

This tray can be used as a decorative tray for home decor, a perfume tray for the vanity, a tray for the bathroom countertop, a serving tray, a wooden tray for centerpieces, or also as an Amenity Tray. 

It will keep your friends and family mesmerized. Also the plus point, it is easy to carry with both holding handles on each side.


Use window space

Simply add some white pillar candles placed on a silver tray that you already have in your kitchen. It will have great use. 

Also, take two faux dwarf evergreens and wrap them in burlap. It will add a bit of color to the wintry scene. This will add elegance to your room window


Photo Wreath

The last holiday home decor idea is a photo wreath. Hot-glue a selection of black-and-white snapshots to a wire wreath form. 

It will give a gorgeous look to the wall and room. You can also keep some wrapped gifts on the table below the picture collection to give a Christmas vibe



It's almost time for the holidays! Don't wait until the last minute to decorate your home for the holidays, so that you don't end up spending a ton of money on decorations. Take advantage of the time you have now to create the perfect holiday décor in your home.

These are some of the holiday home decor ideas that are effective and can save you money. Use these ideas and share this with your family and friends and create memories. Don't forget to check YELLOWLOTUSUSA for more decor ideas and affordable and beautiful home decor products. 

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