11 Best Easter Decoration Ideas for Home


Spring is right around breaking the frosts of that prolonged winter. And with spring comes the fun festival easter! Easter is the perfect time to break the monotony of black and white and splash colours all around the house. This festival is all about colourful flowers, fluffy bunnies and of course fun easter eggs. 

If you're looking for some inspiration to help you create the perfect Easter atmosphere, look no further than this blog post. We've compiled a list of the 11 best Easter decoration ideas for home, complete with tips and tricks to help you achieve a look that's both stylish and festive. So grab your favorite Easter treats and get ready to discover some new and exciting ways to spruce up your home this season!

Colourful paper wreath 

The first among all 10 easter decoration ideas is Colorful paper wreath. What better way than to welcome your guests with meticulously arranged colourful paper flowers and leaves right? All you need is some colorful papers and a twig to attach them in.

Go to your stationery and buy some coloured papers. I like pastel color's in spring. So I chose some fun pastel blue, green and pink papers. Don’t forget some yellow ones as they bring that accent of sunshine to your wreath. 

There are a lot of templates online to make leaves and flowers. Choose the ones that you love and are easy to make as well. First, make the leaves. Then make some fun flowers. First, attach the leaves to the base. Use a hot glue gun to attach them. Place the flowers on top of these leaves.


Easter Egg tree

The first among all 10 easter decoration ideas is Easter egg tree. Easter trees are a fun way to bring spring to your house. Now go out and buy some sturdy branches of cherry blossoms, forsythia and pussy willows. You can go all the same branches or mix things up to make even colorful arrangements. 

Then get some light faux eggs or craft eggs. You can go monochrome or just mix things up. If you are all in for that bougie decor then go for dusty gold eggs that compliment your branch. 

Attach these eggs with a ribbon and hang them throughout the branches. I would recommend going to monochrome ribbons. Just making the flowers will not overpower the eggs.


Bunny ear napkins

Remember the fun is in the details! Just imagine the smile when even their napkins are drenched in easter with fun bunny ears. 

Fold your napkins with cute little bunny ears and put them in a pot or anything you would like to.  Then place this little arrangement next to your cutlery.

Make sure that the napkin colour matches that to the cutlery. 


Eggshell candle holders

Reuse your leftover eggshells to transform them into beautiful candles. Candles add warm delicate light to your house or your dinner table. It creates soft and mellow vibes for your evenings. 

Since Easter is all about colours we will not settle for that plain white eggshells but spice things up a tad bit by dying the eggshells into fun colours. Place some tea candles inside the shells. You don't have to clean the irregular broken parts of the eggs and go for an edgy but colourful vibe. 

Add some essential oils to your candles. My favourites are citrus and peppermint essential oils for easter.

Glass Vase

This is a very simple and easiest easter decoration idea. Spring is incomplete without flowers and so is easter. Visit your florist early in the morning for some beautiful roses, lilies, irises and ranunculus. Make beautiful floral arrangements with these fresh flowers. 

Then place them all in a glass jar with some water. The full flower is on display inviting spring and the water will keep your flowers fresh all day.


Bunny ear gift boxes

If you plan on giving gifts to your guests then you might as well consider cute little bunny ears for packaging. We do green and red packaging at Christmas so why not something bunny-themed in Easter right?

Pick some fun packing papers. Choose any colour you love.  Wrap your gifts with cute bunny ears and tie the ears with cute little ribbons.


Egg shelves

Easter is all about colourful eggs.   Get some egg stands and symmetrically place the eggs. There are colourful egg stands and decorated eggs that you can order online or buy from your local craft stores. Place colourful eggs in them. Now you have wonderful eggs displayed on your shelves.


Easter tray decor

Easter tray decor is a wonderful way to add a festive touch to your home during the Easter season. A well-designed tray can serve as the centerpiece of your dining table or coffee table, and there are many creative ways to arrange your decorations.

From colorful Easter eggs to fresh flowers and adorable bunny figurines, there are countless possibilities to explore. Whether you opt for a classic or modern style, the key to creating an eye-catching Easter tray decor is to mix and match different elements to create a cohesive look. Don't be afraid to experiment and let your creativity run wild, as Easter tray decor is all about celebrating the joy and renewal of springtime.


Burlap coaster

You can cut some burlap fabric and turn them into a custom easter coaster for placing your drinks on top. It adds a little personality to your dining table. Plus it goes well with the bunny-themed interiors.

Choose burlap fabric made from jute or hemp. The weaves add elegance and edge to your dining time. Store them after Easter for regular use.


Nest and eggs

 If you are pondering what to place as a centerpiece for your dining table then eggs in the nest are the perfect solution for you. Get some faux twigs or cut some colourful papers into long and thin pieces.

Arrange this little collection into a round nest. You do not need to make perfect circular nests, just make something that roughly resembles it.  Or try drawing cute yellow chicks on your eggs and place them in your nest. Add feathers and other fluffs to make it even more fun.

Colourful centre flower wreath

Another amazing idea to place a centrepiece must probably be a wreath made from colourful flowers and leaves. 

As we did earlier, get some fun and colourful craft papers. Then find some templates online to make pastel leaves and flowers. First, attach the leaves to the base in the desired template. Make some paper flowers.

Then just attach these flowers on top of the leaves. Place this wreath as the centrepiece for your dinner table. You can swap out the leaves and flowers with some fun and colourful eggs as well.


So, these are our top 11 easter decoration ideas. Let us know which one is your favourite amongst these all. 

Try the fun gift wrapping and napkin decorations to set the good vibes with your friends and relatives this Easter. Hope these easy last-minute guides to easter decoration ideas came in handy.