Working from home, starting a new business, a side hustle requires a lot of hard work. The time you spend with yourself in the corner of the room or the desk you work on should give you a lot of positive vibes and should always motivate you to do something new and inspiring. 

For making your desk look like a home office desk all you need is a table and some chair, then add up all you want, style like you can. Pick a corner area or a spot for your desk where you can get plenty of sunlight, or enough light for you to get your work done.

Here are the 10 best ideas you can use for home office decor for women desk

  •  Keep it minimal: 

The first simple and easy idea you can use for home office decor for women desk is to keep it minimal. It’s always great to have a minimal setup so that you do not get distracted. 

The rustic grey box from YELLOW LOTUS helps your office desk look simple and amazing at the same time. Keep your incoming and outgoing letters, documents, magazines, envelopes, as well as postcards organized with this gorgeous rustic desk organizer.

This rustic mailbox is for multi-purpose. Not only on the office desk but this can also be fitted on any table, with any other items than stationery.


  • A comfortable chair: 

 You can add a chair, a bean bag, or a sofa, according to your space and desk. As we all know, this is the era of a modern world where there is more work on the computer rather than laborious.

So, for this, we will need a comfortable chair, make sure you sit easily, it doesn’t affect your back. So always have a comfortable chair with you.

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  • Some Artwork:

A piece of art always makes you happy. The shapes, patterns make you think more into it and a familiar art makes you connected to it.

So adding up a piece of art adds inspiration and productivity to your work. If you are into paintings and drawings, you can also add up your arts, this will attract you to your work.


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  • Books:

Adding up books that you love, the ones that inspire you are the best ones to place in your home office. The time you get bored, you can grab a book and feel inspired, and start working again.

Not only that you can add up your diaries and write down your target of the day and every time you see it, but you also would feel like doing all the work to achieve your target.

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  • Wall calendar:

A wall calendar makes you do your work more efficiently and on time. It will help you plan and organize things accurately. You will be self-conscious of completing the tasks on the exact date.

This will help you be persistent in your work. Remember: Persistence is the key to success!

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  •  Add up colors:

Colors speak to you. So choose different colors in your home office to light up your desk. Use nude or vibrant colors, go wild with the prints. This will fascinate you into doing your works, bringing up new ideas.


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  • Study Lamp and frames:

A lamp will help you work on your late-night schedules. Something that inspires you to get back to work every midnight while you are trying to sleep and cant is an inspirational quote frame.

It always makes your work productive and ongoing. Add up frames to your office table with quotes that motivate you to do all the work when you are too lazy to do them all.

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Another easy idea you can use for home office decor for women desk is to add a mail organizer box. Declutter your office space with the cute rustic white mail holder box. The wooden mail organizer from YELLOW LOTUS is a perfect cute little box for your desk which will add an extra charm for your desk.

Our rustic mail organizer helps you declutter your desk from a messy table to an organized desk. Not only organizing the mails but you can use it as a pen holder, and arrange a lot of other accessories that you may use in the office. They can also be used on the countertop or tabletop of any table.

This rustic mail desktop organizer can be set in the office, bedroom, kitchen countertop, dorm room, or living room.


This is a must-have for your desk. Having a pen holder makes your life easier. Based on your setup, you should look for a matching pen holder; in our case, we are recommending a wooden pen holder with 3 compartments for scissors, staplers, or other home office needs.

Unlike other brands, our mail holder for the desk has 2 extra compartments for pens, pencils, etc


  •  Add a Plant or Succulent:

The last idea you can use for home office decor for women desk is to add a plant or succulent. You can add up a vase of beautiful and pleasant-smelling flowers, or simply a little green plant.

Greenery not only makes the environment beautiful, but it is also good for your eyesight. Let your eyes relax on the beautiful plant after the all-day working schedule.

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These are some of the 10 best ideas you can use for home office decor for women desk. You can easily implement these ideas to make your desk look much much better. If you love these ideas, share this on your social media so that your friends or family can see them. Don't forget to check out YELLOWLOTUSUSA for more ideas and home decor products.