10 Perfect festive New Year's eve decorations 2021

The festivities of the new year require freshness to prepare you to embark upon another crazy year. 

As we all are just coming out of our houses from the year-long quarantine this New year’s eve must be a grand one. 

We are leaving 2021 on a high note leaving the sorrows behind and entering into a new chapter of 2022. 

We have enlisted 10 fun, glittery, and sophisticated new year’s eve decoration. 

These 10 perfect festive New year’s eve decorations will make this new year’s eve a memorable one. 

  • Tinsel foil fringe curtain for a backdrop 

  • It is essential to have an eye-catching backdrop to arrange your New year’s eve decoration around. 

    Tinsel foil fringe curtains are on-trend right now. Tinsel is ideal for the backdrop as they catch and reflect light. 

    Other decorations go on top of this base. So we have to make sure to choose a color that will complement other decorations rather than stealing the spotlight. 

    A dusky gold fringe curtain will be perfect. It will brighten up the space. 

    It also works well as the background for taking photographs to upload on your socials. 

    Tinsel curtain backdrop

  • Foil Balloons

  • Foil balloons are a great way to create layers for the overall New year’s decoration. 

    The little floating balloons come in different shapes and colors. You can get creative with them. 

    There are numbered foil balloons with which you can write the New year. 

    Foil balloons look great over the foil curtain backdrop. You can use contrasting colors of the backdrop and the balloons to create a statement. 

    Or you can let the colorful balloons float if you are celebrating New year’s eve indoors. Use different colors and shapes of balloons. 

    These balloons are easily available and affordable. 

    Tinsel balloons

  • Mylar disco balls 

  • A party is incomplete without some disco balls. 

    Since real disco balls are expensive we will make work with some mylar disco balls. 

    Mylar is reflective material so they will look like the real deal on a budget. 

    These disco balls come in different colors. You can go for the classic silver and gold or go overboard and get colorful ones. 

    They give the magical laser light effect for your New year’s Eve party. 

    Make sure to keep the color of these disco balls within your New year’s eve decorations to keep everything integrated and cohesive. 

    Mylar disco balloons

  • New year’s eve party photo booth

  • A photo booth is a must! It is absolutely important to take preppy pictures and post them on your socials. 

    You can DIY the photo booth with some cardboard and colored paper. 

    First, take some cardboard and arrange them into a photo frame. Then color it to match your New year’s eve decorations. 

    Finally, add some finishing touches. Make sure to also include some fun props. 

    The photo booth will entertain the guests and make the party lively and interesting. 

    New year photo booth

  • Hanging swirl decorations

  • Want to add some magic to your New year’s eve decorations? Add some hanging swirl decorations. 

    The hanging swirl decorations add a beautiful vertical layer to your overall decoration. 

    The floating swirly decorations look dreamy as they sway with the wind. 

    For the New year’s eve decoration choose the hanging swirls with little stars, hats, or champagne bottles. 

    Black and gold swirl decorations are a must-have for New year’s eve decorations. 

    They also come in packages of an assortment of different little elements at the end. It is best to get them. 

    Hanging swirl decorations

  • Glitter garlands 

  • Garlands are very festive. They drape your area to add elegance to the tour space. 

    Star garlands are perfect for New year’s eve decoration. They bind together all the decorations. 

    Golden garlands work flawlessly for decorating in new year’s. 

    There are many garlands with Happy New Year written. It is ideal to add on top of your backdrop. 

    Choose a contrasting color of garland to the backdrop as the garlands need to stand out from the backdrop. 

    Glitter garlands

  • Hanging paper fans and pom poms

  • Wispy paper fans and festive pom poms are creative ways to play with the eye. 

    Paper fans and pom poms are lightweight as they are made from paper. You can easily hang them anywhere. 

    They work well for both indoors and outdoors New year’s eve decorations. 

    These decoration items are easy to set up and just require 30 minutes of fluffing and hanging. 

    You can either use them as centerpieces, decorate your dinner table or even use them as filler decor items for sparse areas. 

    Let your creativity guide you through using them. 

    Paper fans and pom poms

  • Fairy lights

  • A magical light show is the life of the party. 

    Fairy lights are literally the fairy dust to add a magical element to your New year’s eve decoration. 

    You can get creative with the fairy lights to liven up your space.

    They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor decoration. 

    Use battery-powered LED lights as they are easy to move around. 

    Fairy lights


  • Campagne sequin tablecloth

  • Bedazzle your dining table with statement sequin tablecloths. 

    The new year’s eve decorations are generally gold and black themed so it is best to use a champagne sequin table cloth. 

    The champagne color is not very outrageous but definitely glamorous. 

    If you feel like using sequin as the whole tablecloth is too much, then just use the sequin cloth to use as a table runner. 

    The sequins mystically reflect light to elevate your dining experience.

    Sequin tablecloth

  • Glittery disposable dinnerware set

  • Your dining table setup is equally important as a part of your New year’s eve decorations. 

    Swap out your regular dinnerware for some fancy New year themed ones. 

    You can find different glittery disposable dinnerware sets online. 

    They have intricate designs. It will harmonize with the decorations you have put up for this New year’s eve. 

    Glitter disposable dinnerware

    These are our 10 perfect festive New year’s eve decorations. All these decorations are easy to install and affordable. 

    Tell us your favorite one in the comments!