10 easy thanksgiving decorations for home | Thanksgiving decorations 2022

Thanksgiving is the time of year to flaunt your creative and crafty side with the decor items spewed throughout the house. Many people shy from going beyond their decor pieces on thanksgiving and stick with the traditional ones. But decorating your house with contemporary items does not necessarily have to break your bank account. 

You all might be looking for some best easy thanksgiving decorations to decorate your home. If so, these are 10 easy Thanksgiving decorations for your home.  

Fruits and foliage dinner table runner 

The first easy thanksgiving decoration is a fruits and foliage dinner table runner. Thanksgiving is a festival to celebrate and thank our harvest throughout the year. Collect all your picks and intricately arrange them along the mid of the table to make a table runner. 

Choose different foliage like eucalyptus and wheat and lay it all the way through the center of the dinner table. Then add some colorful fruits like apples, oranges, small pumpkins, and squash.  Finally, add white candles in the middle to bring the whole thanksgiving dinner table together. 

Fall flower arrangement

Fall encases the beautiful burgundy and red flowers with complimenting blues and yellows. These colors go well together to bring in a beautiful flower arrangement for your vase. You can reuse the vases that are already available in your house.

Go to your local florist and get some chrysanthemums, marigold, and Dahlia. They all have fiery colors and compliment each other. Then with some sweet alyssums tie the arrangement together. These flowers do not wilt easily but make sure to check the water levels. 

Wood Decorative Box

Wood Decorative Box from yellow lotus helps you organize your table and adds rustic charm to your decoration. This box can be used as a centerpiece for your thanksgiving decorations. "Get Naked" funny decor sign adds more fun.

 You can place this decor box in the bathroom, bedroom, or any place in your beautiful home. Your guests will surely get a laugh from this cute toilet box as half bathroom decor.

The nice bathroom box is made with solid wood and is double the fun with two funny bathroom signs. Both the Nice Butt sign and the Get Naked sign are inkjet and won't peel.

Nut and pumpkin topiaries

Pumpkins, pines, and nuts are the staples of thanksgiving. First for nuts topiaries, collect some walnuts, hazelnuts, or any other nuts of your choice. Then stick them to a Styrofoam ball. Place it on top of a decorative vase or cake holder. 

Or just take some differently-sized pumpkins. Then stack one over another. You can use skewers to hold them in place. You can also go the extra mile and poke some faux flowers into the pumpkin. 

Grapevine and pine cone wreath

Another best easy thanksgiving decorations idea is to add grapevine and pine cone wreaths. Wreaths are a festive way to welcome your guests to your house. They can be made from paper, grapevines, corn husk, and even cloth. 

To make this, Collect some grapevines with leaves that are slowly changing color. Then with the help of metallic wire arrange the whole thing into a circle. Stick in some bittersweet vines with the berries. Attach fake fall flowers. Your wreath is ready to welcome the guests right at the door.

Chalk-white pumpkins

With the whole minimalism trends unfurling in recent years, the traditional pumpkins have taken a more minimalist appearance. The conventional orange pumpkins may stand out too much if you have white and grey interiors as I do. 

To harmonize the overall color palette in your interiors, you can use chalk-white pumpkins. Yes, they can come in pretty expensive. Therefore, you can just buy some faux pumpkins and spray paint them chalk white. You can also color the stem or leave it as it is. 

Bittersweet twigs in glass bottles

It is the perfect way to decorate window panes. This hack costs not a dime. Maybe a dime for the bittersweet twigs. We all have one or two empty wine bottles in our house. 

Take the empty wine bottle and thoroughly wash it. After you have cleaned the bottle inside out, fill them with water. Then stick in some twigs of bittersweet with berries. The orange and yellow berries of bittersweet go well with the color of fall flower arrangements and pumpkins. 

Pinecone and ribbon door hanger

 For this hack, you will need around 6 meters of ribbon. You can use burgundy silk ribbons for this decoration. Then get some pine cones. You can use both real ones or faux pine cones

Now, cut the ribbon into a piece about half a meter long. Attach the pine cones at the one end of the ribbon with a hot glue gun. Now collect all these and tie them together. Your ribbon and pine cone charm are ready to dance with the chilly autumn wind. 

Turkey salt shakers

Little details can add an accent to your dinner tables. This is an easy decoration to spruce up your dinner table. It doesn’t hurt to add some more turkey to the table.

For this thanksgiving, swap out your regular white salt shaker for Turkey salt shaker. They are available in different craft stores and also in online stores like amazon. This salt shaker elevates the dining experience to a full-fledged festival dinner. 

Thanksgiving banners

The last easy thanksgiving decoration is to use thanksgiving banners. It is also a great idea to use banners to decorate any empty-looking spaces in the house.

Choose the banner that suits the color palette of the decoration that you are going for. You can even make your own banner. Just, Cut some papers and plaid clothes into little triangles. Take a jute rope. Attach the triangles to the jute rope using hot glue or regular glue. 

These are some ideas for easy thanksgiving decorations to decorate your house this thanksgiving season. Hope these hacks make both you and your guests happy. Tell us in the comments what is the best part of thanksgiving for you.