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Autumn is officially the cue to start decorating for Halloween. The cozy autumn setting is perfect to stay indoors and make some Halloween crafts. It might be your favourite festival as you get to show your crafty side with all the decorations around your house. It is also the perfect way to keep your kids busy. 

You might be looking for easy diy halloween decorations ideas to decorate your house this Halloween. If so, here are 10 easy diy halloween decorations to try out this year.


The first easy diy halloween decorations to decorate your house is to add a pumpkin scarecrow. First, you will need two wooden sticks one for stake and the other to make hands of your scarecrow.

Now, attach the hand to the stake with the help of some nails or rope. Finally, carve out a face in your pumpkin and simply place it on the top. Dress your pumpkin scarecrow in any fashion you desire. Then, just plant the stake on your front lawn.


Instead of white pumpkins, you can take some chalk-white spray paint and faux pumpkins to make a DIY chalk-white pumpkin.

Spray paint your faux pumpkins with chalk-white spray paint. Let it dry. Try two to three layers of paint to opaquely cover the orange pumpkin. For the stalk of the pumpkin, you can also paint it white. 


Garlands scream festivities and celebrations. There are many creative ways to create Halloween garlands. To start with this craft, cut the paper into a bat silhouette. Attach googly eyes to the cut-out. 

Then using the adhesive attach the finished bat to the rope until you make a bat garland. You can also play around with the colours. Layered garlands display is also a genius idea.


Collect some old wine bottles. It will be even better if they are in lime green or lemon yellow. Then remove any labels and thoroughly clean them. Fill it with water and stick some bittersweet twigs in it. 

If it is not spooky enough, then just spray-paint the bottle in black. Take a piece of paper with a bat silhouette. Attach it to the bottle and spray paint on top of that.


It is another hanging decor piece that is interesting to make. For this halloween decoration diy, collect some circular rings and macrame or yarn. Now onto crafting.

On the circular hoop, tie knots of the macrame on half of the perimeter of the circle. The tied semicircle stays on top with the macrame draping down to create a ghost. Finally, attach facial features to your ghost. Attach googly eyes and a cut little spooked mouth.


Vampire bats add that extra detail of Halloween to your space. For the DIY vampire bat, collect some black craft paper. Now draw bat silhouette in the papers.

Carefully cut the bat shapes from your craft paper. Using some googly eyes and white paint, draw the face of the bat. Your bat is now ready to fly across your room. 


 Wreaths are very chic and scream festivities. They are the easiest DIY projects for your Halloween decor. Collect some grapevine or bittersweet vines.

Then with the help of a wire bend the vines into a circle and attach them all. Attach some faux flowers and dried berries. Your wreath is ready to be the centrepiece.


Cats decor gives off a witchy aura to Halloween house. Bring out your cardboard and start sketching some cat silhouettes. You can also get patterns online. But making it by yourself is also easy.

Choose cats having different silhouettes and shapes. Now, cut the shape out of the cardboard. Paint the whole thing black. You can attach them to the walls or hang them as adornments. 


 The easiest way to prepare your room for Halloween is to swap out your regular curtains for some spooky ones. Take some spare fabric or buy cheap curtains from the dollar store or Walmart. 

Then get creative with a pair of scissors. If you want to further make it ghastly add some specks of grey and black paint. It makes the curtain appear that it came straight from the vampire’s den.


The last easy halloween decoration diy is to add some black plants. Buy some fake plants off amazon or Walmart. Just buy the cheapest ones. Then take some black spray paint and cover the whole plant with black paint. 

Your witchy plant is now ready to rock your porch and living room. It is perfect for Halloween. It can be stored for decades and reused as it will never go out of style. 

 So these are the top 10 easy halloween decoration diy for 2022. Try these easy halloween decorations ideas and share them with your family and friends. Comment your favorite DIY or hack for this Halloween. Happy Halloween!

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