10 DIY outdoor fall decorations that will look amazingly stunning | Home decor fall 2022



With the crispiness in the air, the green of summer is fading into the beige of Autumn. Fall is a plethora of nostalgia for anyone's childhood filled with pumpkin pies and silly Halloween games. Your parents may have always had lavish fall decorations out in our front yard. It is now a family thing to go a bit overboard with decorating. 

For this fall season, you might be looking for DIY outdoor fall decorations to decorate your house. If so, do not worry these DIY outdoor fall decorations are all light on your pockets.

Pumpkin and Gourd corner

The first and awesome DIY outdoor fall decoration is a pumpkin and gourd corner and Gourds and pumpkin decors are the stars of the Fall Decor. All you need is some faux pumpkin and gourds then onto stacking.

You can get faux pumpkins from amazon or even at the Dollar store for a throwaway price. Eggshell white pumpkins are currently trending. You can go for a minimalist all-white pumpkin and gourd corner as well.

Fall flower arrangement

Fall is the season for beautiful flowers like chrysanthemums, celosia, alyssums, and pansy. Collect them and put them in milk cans to unleash the alluring beauty. 

If you are into gardening, then try planting fall flowers in little patches. Then watch them making your porch lively. You can also opt for faux flowers. You can DIY fake flowers. There are many tutorials online, try them out!

Fall wreath

For this decor, first, collect some twigs, preferably semi-dried so you can bend them without breaking. Vines also work well with this hack. Then arrange the twigs into a circle with the help of the wire. Secure everything together with a glue gun.

Then take some colorful paper. Choose the color scheme of your choice. Attach the cut-outs to the twigs. Viola! Your fall wreath for front door is ready to adorn.


Lanterns give off the spooky and harry-potters vibe which is perfect for fall. They are easy to make. First, collect some twigs and spray paint them with metallic black colour. Then cut the branches. Now with the help of a glue gun attach them to make a cuboid.

Attach hard plastic from the inside to make them appear like glass. Now add a handle made with a curved paper stick. You can add non-burning candles or small pumpkins or gourds inside. 


Pumpkin planters

For planters, fill half of the container with dried grass, hay, or cloth. Add your pumpkins from half of the bucket to the top.

To finish up the whole look. Stick in some dried twigs with leaves inside the perimeter of the container. Fill the empty spaces with some dried vines and flowers.


Hay Bales with ribbons

For this decor, collect some hay and tie them up in rough cubes. You can snip them off if you like the neat look. Cut the ribbon to the desired length. Tie it around the little hay cube and make a neat bow.

Have fun playing with different coloured ribbons. This simple DIY outdoor fall decorations item can also be used as a pedestal for your pumpkin display.


 Kitten cutouts

Get some cat silhouettes off the internet. Then print the template out or draw it yourself. Make sure to get varying sizes and shapes of cat silhouettes. Now get some cardboard paper or wooden board. Place the template on top and start cutting. 

After the cutouts are ready, paint them black. Now, let them dry. Anchor them against the wall or on a chair. You can even attach it to a stick to make a garden stake.



Fabric pumpkins

Collect any old fabric or pieces of clothing that you have. Choose a wide range of colors and patterns for a fun. Cut these clothes into different sizes of circles. Cut the remaining cloths to prepare the fluff to fill inside the pumpkin.

Now, wrap enough fluff inside the circular cloth. Then, gather the perimeter and tie it to form a small ball. Use a green fabric to wrap the top part into the pumpkin stalk. Also, cut some fabric into leaves and attach them using a hot glue gun.


Pumpkin and gourd garden stakes

First, collect some long anchors. It can be wooden or iron sticks. Now, on a wooden plank make a silhouette cut-out of Halloween-themed shapes, like pumpkins and gourd. After tracing your desired shape, cut it out.

Use sandpaper to smooth the edges. The best part of this DIY is coloring the cut-outs! Go for a beige color theme. In some stakes, you can add little cow patterns and polka dots to make it fun. You can also write some “fall puns”!


DIY pumpkin scarecrow  

This DIY outdoor fall decoration is easy and cheap to make. First, collect two twigs. Use one as the stalk and the other as the hand of the scarecrow. The stalk should be about 4 ft tall. Attach the arms to the stalk. You can use some rope or use a nail. 

Now take your old clothes. Get creative with the outfit by adding some accessories like a scarf. Then finally outline the face in the pumpkin and attach it to the very top of the stalk. Your pumpkin scarecrow is ready to rock in your yard.

These are the best DIY  outdoor fall decorations to decorate your home. It looks amazing in the yard. On top of that, it is easy to make and inexpensive. Give a shot at these DIY fall decor 2022 and post your experience in the comments!