10 CLEVER KITCHEN STORAGE TIPS | Kitchen Organization 2022

Ever wondered how to make your small kitchen mess-free? Well, whatever maybe the size of the kitchen you must always know the kitchen storage tips, otherwise, the kitchen might look like a mess. 

Every time a guest comes to your home, the kitchen area is where you people dine. So, this place must be clean, organized, and functional. You will need to arrange the things so that it is easy to find.

 When you organize your kitchen well, you will find it more spacious. Organize your kitchen in such a way that it would look tidy and functional and you have access to everything you need. 

So here are 10 kitchen storage tips that would make your kitchen organized and functional.

  • Use multipurpose appliances

The first kitchen organization tip is to use multipurpose appliances. Having a lot of appliances and not having much space to store them all is a problem. In this world of technology, you will get a lot of gadgets for your multipurpose kitchen. So get rid of the old ones and get new gadgets that have multipurpose. Some of them are ; 

1) Two in one can and a bottle opener: A two in one can and bottle opener is a multi-purpose gadget that helps you open the lid of cans as well as bottles.

 2) Kitchen-aid Mixer: A kitchen-aid mixer is a mixer with some attachments. Buy this single piece and you will have yourself a mixer, juicer, food grinder, beater, a food processor.

 3) Counter-kitchen accessory holder: Counter kitchen accessory holder from yellowlotususa can also be used for organizing things like mail, pens, and much more that you spread around your kitchen table.

Unlike other brands, this 13-inch rustic mail organizer box is made with premium 100% solid hardwood that and is 1.5 cm thick tested materials that won’t break like plywood, MDF, or other thin board.

This can be used as a spoon holder for your kitchen. You can add small glasses to it and add up spoons and fork separately. It becomes convenient to access your little kitchen items.


  • Divide the food storage container:

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Dividing your food storage container is differentiating and maintaining the appliances. You can separate plastic containers in a particular drawer of the kitchen where they can be easily accessible.

Similarly, you can keep the mental food container in another drawer.


  • Grocery bag dispenser

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Having a grocery bag dispenser makes things easy. Every time you come from a grocery store with all the miscellaneous, you will have a lot of grocery bags with you. These bags will be needed for some other purpose later.

So, it would be better if you have a grocery bag dispenser. Store all your bags there and take them off when you want some.

  • Have a shelf

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  A shelf makes everything functional and looks more attractive. You can add up a plant or you can even store the food storage container there. You can store your glass utensils, cups, glasses, plates.

It would look simple yet attractive. There you usually keep the items that you rarely use. The ones that you use when the guests arrive.

  • Magnetic Knife Stripe

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A magnetic knife stripe helps you to store your knives as well as other metal items. It grants you extra space in your drawer and prevents the knives from scratching against surfaces.

It also helps reach the blades easily, the ones that peel the skin, the ones that you use for cutting different items.

  • Spoon Holder

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This is a simple and easy kitchen organization tip. The spoons and forks take quite a large space in your kitchen as they come in groups.

All you can do is get yourself a spoon-holder and organize the spoons and forks. This will be a convenient way to reach for your spoons as well as forks whenever you need them.

  • Lazy Susan Table

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A lazy Susan table is a turntable placed on a countertop for distributing food. When you dine with a large group of people you cannot access to serve the entire crowd at once. A lazy Susan table makes it easier.

Add some food items on the Susan table, people will just rotate it and take the food items that they want. 

  • Drawers for cutlery

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Cutlery items are the ones that include any hand implement that is used in preparing, serving, and eating food.

Spoons, forks, Tongs, Toothpicks, Cocktail sticks, are the ones in these items. It is always good to have a separate drawer for these items, as they disappear most of the time from the kitchen.


  • The door-storage:

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This is the storage area in the doors of your kitchen or the kitchen shelves. It is a door hanger or a rack where you store your edible items. It becomes convenient to store small items like spices or larger items like wine, vinegar.

  • Add Baskets:

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The last kitchen organization tip is to add some baskets for storage purposes. You can store some uncooked vegetables or fruits in the basket and much more.

You can also label all the items on the basket and just store the items in it. You can use it for your kids snacking or you can even use it to curb your paper towel.

These are some of the best kitchen organization tips that you can apply to make your kitchen look awesome. Share these tips with your family and friends to make their life easier. And don't forget to check out Yellowlotususa for more decor ideas and products.