10 Best Halloween decorations for 2021

Halloween is a really big event in all families. As you are all vaccinated against COVID, Halloween is the first festival you can enjoy freely with your loved ones after a huge duration of lockdown.  You all might be looking for ideas for Halloween Decoration 2021. 

The spookier the decorations, the grander the festival. Here are ideas for Halloween decoration 2021 to ensure a breath-taking (can be literally) evening.

  • Black and white bat wreath
  • The first idea for Halloween Decoration 2021 is to add a black and white bat wreath to your decoration. Nothing can give the spicy and spooky invite like a classic black and white bat assembled into a wreath. 

    You can hang it on your front door or can just make it the centrepiece at your dining table. The best thing about this wreath is that you can just DIY it with things available at your own house. 


    Source: House Beautiful


  • Lawn decorations with pumpkin cats and skeletons
  • The lawn is where the party is. All the classic Halloween shenanigans like pumpkins and skeletons must be on the lawn. Gather some pumpkins of varying sizes as our cat family also has different age groups. Now remove all insides of the pumpkin. 

    Carve cat faces in smaller pumpkins and paws in bigger ones. Paint all of them black. Place some battery-powered fairy lights inside the pumpkins. Finally stack the smaller pumpkin with a cat face onto the bigger ones with the body. 

    Source: Pinterest


  • Witch themed fireplace
  • For this, first spread fake cobwebs on top of your fireplace. Then add huge fake spiders clinging on to the cobwebs. A witch's place is incomplete without a dark cat. So place a black cat on top of everything.

    Place your witch brooms beside the fireplace. Also, make a little bar of witch potion alongside which has a selection of your favourite drinks. Add some skeletons and a celestial crystal ball as a centrepiece to tie everything together. 

    Source: Country living


  • Cobwebs and spiders 
  • Cobweb is one item that you cannot have too much of on Halloween. It acts as a filler discord item. If any space looks empty then just add some cobwebs and throw some spiders on top of it. 

    You can use cobwebs on mirrors draping off of it. They add spooky accent to mundane areas such as your regular couches, table, and even your bathroom. 

    Source: Amazon


  • Ghost shaped pillows
  • The otherwise mundane couch can have a major Halloween makeover with some ghost-shaped pillows. Ghost pillows are more on the cuter side than the scary side. So make the right choices!

    You can also change the pillow covers to beige colours to match the pumpkins. It is just a minor detail but can play a great role in elevating the whole interior. You can be cosy even on Halloween. 

    Source: Etsy


  • Hag-hands on tabletops
  • Hag hands are another underrated item for decorating your Halloween house. Do not worry, they are fake hands and not real ones!

    You can drape the hands in some silk and lace then hand it from the ledges of your door frames and windows. Almost creating the illusion of someone extending their hands to grab you off. It will be interesting to see your guests getting caught off guard with dangling hag hands. 


    Source: Pinterest


  • Skull candles
  • Choose one candle that is shaped like skulls or is inside skull containers.  You can choose your favourite scent as well. This is a little detail that can be easily overlooked upon.

    You can DIY them by making your candle blend and pouring them into skull-shaped glasses available on amazon. 

    Source: Etsy


  • DIY graveyard in the front yard
  • This is ideal if you have an empty area on your lawn. Make a fake graveyard in these areas. You can get fake graveyard supplies off amazon and other popular sites. Or you can make your graveyard.

    To make a graveyard on your lawn, first, make tombstones out of cardboard then write spooky stuff in there and pin them to the ground. Add some skeletons here and there. Finally, finish off with some cobwebs and bats. 

    Source: Home and garden


  • Pumpkin flower vase
  • Halloween can still be Halloween with some classic floral arrangements. Just swap your regular vases with pumpkin vases. You can get a pumpkin vase on amazon. Or you can scrape out the pumpkin and fill it with damp sponges. 

    Stick all your flowers in the sponge. This ensures the flowers will stay upright. The dampness will prevent the flowers from withering. 

    Source: About her

  • Reminiscence of corona
  • The last idea for Halloween Decoration 2021 is to add a reminiscence of the corona. Humor is one way of coping mechanism. There are tons of ideas to make COVID-themed Halloween. 

    Add some covid air balloons in your space. Then you can also try dressing the skeletons in mock PPE suits. Finally, add masks in your skeletons and pumpkins as the final touch. 

    Source: CTV News


    These are the top 10 ideas for Halloween Decoration 2021. 2020 was a difficult year. Let us leave the sorrows of 2020 and have a blast in 2021 with proper vaccinations and following your government-specified guidelines.