10 Bedroom Organization Tips To Make Most of Small Space

You can always run out of space in your bedroom. There could always be a pile of clothes that could be lying on your chair. Every morning you would have to switch your  position from chair to bed for your work and bed to chair when it's time to sleep.

Something about organized space just makes us productive. You can have a tiny room which can only accommodate a bed, a table and a closet. So it is challenging to achieve a well-organized bedroom but not impossible. That's why you might need some bedroom organization tips.

Here are 10 bedroom organization tips you can adopt if you have a tiny space. 

  • Storage baskets


The first bedroom organization tip is storage baskets .If you have random things just scattered over the top of your furniture, then you have to get a storage basket. You can just throw everything in your basket and just forget about it.You can also use them inside your closets.

Check this organizing box by Yellowlotususa which will be perfect for you. 

  • Drawer divider or organizers


This is a simple yet effective bedroom organization tip. Just buy a drawer divider. You can buy it online. Or you can just take some old chart papers and cardboard and DIY your custom drawer divider or organizer. 

The best part of organized drawers is everything visible. It will save you the hassle of frantically searching for that necklace that goes perfect with the outfit.

Drawers organizer

  • Minimalist corner shelves


Buy some sturdy, minimalist corner racks online or near some furniture stores too. They might look tiny but they can hold a lot of things.

You can put your belongings in storage boxes and put them in these selves if you are feeling extra organized and want to see no clutter. You can also put some figurines and plants to make it aesthetically pleasing.

Corner shelves

  • Above the door closet


A rectangular box is made out of lightweight wood and is hung to the wall ending right above your door frame. This overhead closet can have a door or just leave it on its own.

You can add glass doors if you like to see your clothes on display. Then just put a rod at the top of this closet and hang all your favourite coats, jackets, tops and dresses with a hanger. 

Source : Pinterest

  • Ladder shelves


Since we will be using a lot of our vertical space, it is a good idea to add a little ladder in your room that can double up as a hanger or a shoe rack. You can just leave the ladder leaning on to some random space or walls around your room.

If your ladder has that horizontal space you can neatly stack your favourite boots and heels on .

Source : Pinterest

  • Geometric frames on the wall   

All you need is some wood, nails or wood glue and a slight revision of your elementary geometry.

Make your favourite shapes and just hang them on that empty wall. It is a form of art too.

In these selves, you can store your books or figurines, even plants. These shelves themselves look like a brilliant work of art. 

Bedroom frames

  • Stools that doubles up as storage box

We all need that special comfy chair to sometimes look out the window while listening to some classical music. So why not get something which also multitasks as a storage unit?


Most furniture stores these days carry such chairs. The lid has padding which gives your derriere a comfortable time. When you open the lid you have this amazing space where you can store anything you like.  

Source : Pinterest

  • Cable managers


 Cable managers are such underrated items when it comes to organizing. All you have to do is buy some cable organizers.

They are available everywhere and at such cheap rates. You no more will have to waste your time untangling all the wires anymore. 

Source : Pinterest

  • Hanging baskets behind your door

We have used the vertical space, empty walls and awkward corners for more storage and clutter-free living. All that remains is the door frame. 

Get a door storage. Clip these on to your door at the back. Then store away extra items in them. When the door is open it will be tucked away from your sight. You can even add these to your closet doors and bathrooms. 

Source : Pinterest


  • Wall Hanging storage


Finally, the last bedroom organization tip is wall hanging storage. Wall hanging storage are metal boards that have compartments and pining spaces.

You can write your notes, hang your routines and just your to-do lists for the day in this wall hanger. You can add your favourite decor items or any book you love. Also some plants too.

Source : Pinterest

So these are the top bedroom organizing tips that you can use to keep your  bedroom organised. Being organised can save a lot of time. You find yourself in control of your surroundings. 

Tell us if you are already using any of these already. We would love to hear your DIY organising ideas that you swear by! And don't forget to check out Yellowlotususa .