10 beautiful ways to decorate your small bathroom

Making the most of small spaces is a challenge. Decorating your small bathroom can be hard sometimes. You might be looking for small bathroom decorative ways to decorate and organize your bathroom. 

If your house has compromised the size of rooms by minimizing your bathroom space, then this article is for you. Here are the best small bathroom decorative ways that will make your life easier. 

  • Keep everything bright 
  • The first small bathroom decorative way is to keep everything bright. Tiny bathrooms are already congested, so having dark accents might make it look even smaller and stuffy. 

    Therefore go for bright colors and decor for your bathroom. Paints like eggshell white, yellow, and pale blue can brighten your bathroom.

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  • Add bathroom decor box to remain organized
  • Bathrooms are filled with tiny bathroom shenanigans. They can easily make your space cluttered. So it is best to use tiny storage baskets to keep them organized. 

    When you are at it, you might as well choose storage boxes with catchy and creative quotes. You can also go for something fun and playful. Check these storage boxes from Yellow Lotus that are perfect for your small space. 

    Our Nice butt bathroom box is made with solid wood and is double the fun with two funny bathroom signs. Both the Nice Butt sign and the Get Naked sign are inkjet and won't peel. It is an ideal toilet decor box to hold toilet paper, diapers, tampons, toilet accessories, etc.

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  • Use the space below your sink 
  • Usually, sinks are bulky and the space underneath can go useless. It will be nothing but the pesky corner where all your dirt gets gathered.

    The best way to use this space is to get some metal shelves. Go for the ones with minimalistic designs. Just make sure these storage units have well drainage and coat them with waterproof paint to prevent your bathroom’s dampness.

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  • Add wall shelves
  • We tend to forget the space above our eye level while using any space. This is why a lot of vertical space goes to waste. 

    Add custom-made shelves or built-in shelves above the door, sink, or any empty wall. You can store your cleaning supplies, extra toilet papers, and additional toiletries. Just keep in mind to keep them light-colored.

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  • Use minimalistic hangers
  • While decorating your bathroom you might even get drawn to the bulky long hangers. So consider your space first and go for minimalistic and small hangers. 

    Bulky hangers draw attention towards it. It might make your bathroom smaller than it is since the hardware looks bigger than space. Therefore refrain from them while decorating your small bathroom. 

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  • Add colour with wallpapers
  • Wallpapers are a fun way to add your personal touch to your small space. The decor items and choices in your small space are limited for small space hence you can compensate for it with fun wallpapers. 

    Choose bright-colored wallpapers with sophisticated designs for your bathroom. Keep in mind to go for waterproof options. 

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  • Make the most out of your small space with corner shelves
  • The corners of your bathroom are the most underrated space for storage and management. Corner shelves are easily available in wide choices of textiles.

    You can get them in different colors and designs matching the theme of your bathroom. Corner shelves nowadays come with stick-on designs. Stick one right and increase your shower for your shampoo and other bath supplies.


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  • Use ledges below mirrors
  • The space below your mirror is such space. Now is the time for the application of ledges in that small space above your skin and below your mirror. 


    Go for a ledge about 3 to 4 inches in width depending on your space. Just make sure you will not bang your head in it while washing your face. Here you can store your skincare and other light products.

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  • Make niches in the shower
  • So you have used all the space available and no longer have anything to spare? It is now time to make your carve out your own space, literally. 

    Make niches in the walls of your shower. Niches add that rustic and vintage feel to your shower. Here you store your shower supplies.

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  • Swap bulky basin with floating basins
  • The last small bathroom decorative way is to swap bulky basin with floating basins. The boxy and bulky basins cover most floor space. The lack of openness makes your bathroom even smaller than it is. 

     Floating basins provide you with enough room to conduct all your daily activities without hindrance. There is also space available under such a basin for extra space. Use ledges to compensate for the lack of countertop in your bathroom.

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    These are the top small bathroom decorative way to make bathroom more functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. In addition to these, you can add some humidity-loving plants as per the lighting conditions in your bathroom. If you love these ideas , share this blog to your friends and family. Also dont forget to checkout YELLOWLOTUSUSA for more home decor ideas and home decor items.